Two Little Words

There are two words that pack a mighty punch despite their size and we want to say them to each and every person who was at or involved in DojoCon 2013.

Thank You!

That means you! A huge thank you to everyone from James Whelton to the Pizza Delivery guy and to everyone in between. Each and every one of you played a vital role in what was a seriously cool event.  (Just look at the twitter stream to see the energy and buzz from the weekend)

A great conference is not about the organisation of a venue, the catering, the logistics or the lanyards.  A great conference is about the positivity of the attendees, the willingness to learn, to network and to engage with others.  We could not have organised that.

There’s wide acceptance that the speakers were great however even they left the conference buzzing with excitement, brimming with ideas and bursting with pride.  That wasn’t organised.

You, the attendees, did that!

So we’ll say it again. From us to you…..Thank You!

Two Little Words

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