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After the recent post about laptops from Camara Ireland lots of Dojos have been asking questions about who we are and what we do….so here’s some answers!

Camara Ireland operates as a social enterprise and aims to deliver high quality education through technology and training to schools and community groups who are working with disadvantaged and under resourced communities.

Our aim as a Social Enterprise is to supply a package of low cost computers, software and training to schools and community groups in Ireland, focussing in particular on those that work with disadvantaged communities. Our main criteria for working with an organisation is that the computers are supplied as part of a package including some trainer or teacher training, and that the computers will be used for educational purposes, e.g in a classroom or training environment.

To date we have supplied to over 1,200 computers to 100 schools and community centres and trained over 300 teachers and community workers.

Although our training packages are less relevant to Dojos, we think that supporting the movement by making low cost hardware available for coders all over Ireland should be a key part of what we’re doing.

So we’re doing it!!

For more information please see or contact Galina  ([email protected])

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