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urgent news, James and myself have worked really hard to get the forums up online. This is a crucial step in opening up all of the discussion that is currently taking place on countless emails and instead lets start getting some countrywide (and hopefully international) open discussion where everyone can take part.

Please do one thing for the movement when you read this… visit the link below

and click the ‘Register’ button on the top left of the blue forum area. We have made the registration process as painless as possible; we even removed the captcha for the moment because we will be monitoring all signups and organising admins/editors etc! Once you have signed up, post one problem/question or write one reply to one of the questions already there.

Then send these details on to everyone involved in the movement (parents/mentors/champions) and lets get as much online discussion as possible to work out all the problems ahead of the giant mentor conference on the 13th October.

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