Youth Work CoderDojo Training in Ireland

Are you involved with a youth group and interested in coding, or ready to try something new?

We are running free, in-person CoderDojo training workshops for youth workers and youth group volunteers in places all over Ireland — join us to see how you can help local young people learn programming and digital making.

Getting involved is easy

You can now sign up to our free, one-day workshop CoderDojo Champion Training to find out how to engage young people in coding in your youth organisation.

Workshops are already scheduled in:

If you would like to join one of these, please click through and sign up at the location that suits you. For events without a linked event page please sign up hereWe’re adding workshop dates in new locations all the time — fill in the sign-up form, and we will contact you about new workshops near you.


We will come to you

If you run, or know of, a local youth group interested in hosting a training session, then let us know by emailing Tara ([email protected]) with the venue, location and dates that would suit you to host the training, and we will run a local workshop for you. All you need is a venue and 15 to 30 interested youth workers/leaders or volunteers — we will provide everything else.

The training covers everything you need to know

We will introduce you to CoderDojo and our ethos, and you’ll explore what coding is and how young people can use it in your youth work setting. We will help you plan ways to integrate coding into your organisation or programme, and finally, you’ll learn a few technical skills you can use to mentor young people to get coding.

You don’t need any experience with coding or computers to join

Parents, teachers, librarians, youth workers, and others with little or no coding experience have all started CoderDojo clubs in their communities. Anyone interested in enabling young people to be tech creators should join this workshop!

Tickets to the CoderDojo Conference, DojoCon available here.

“I am also starting my coding adventure now: since I started at CoderDojo, I’ve been spending some of my spare time working through learning content developed by our wonderful CoderDojo content team. The best feeling is when I have the chance to be a mentor at a Dojo, and I get to figure out something with a young person, and we learn together. I am really excited to learn with you!” — Tara, CoderDojo Community Coordinator for Ireland