Tickets for DojoCon 2017 are now live!

The Global CoderDojo Community Conference is just three months away today! This years conference, for all those volunteers and community supporters who help run over 1,200 clubs worldwide, will be the most hands on yet!

Tickets are limited so be sure to book yours asap! All those who have booked tickets will be contacted with more information during September, including a final list of workshops and how to book onto individual workshop sessions before the event.

Book your ticket to DojoCon 2017!

Rob, part of the team organising DojoCon 2017 and founder of CoderDojo England and Wales noted how the the mission of DojoCon 2017 is:

to ensure that every attendee leaves with at least one thing they can use in their Dojo back home“.

Chris, another member of the team managing DojoCon 2017 and Champion of Warrington Dojo explains:

“We are all excited here at Coder Dojo Warrington to welcome you to our town and show you some of the amazing stuff that goes on at our Dojo every month. We love code and creativity but we also love all the varieties of STEM and Tech that go hand in hand with it.

At DojoCon 17 we want you to get your hands on and try all the stuff that our ninjas do. We want your ideas of where we can take it in the future. We also want to share all your ideas about keeping our Dojos diverse and accessing all parts of our communities (and keeping them engaged!)

We’re really lucky to have a Fablab on our site so our ninjas can code and then they can 3D print or lasercut an exciting object with code too. It has a lot of potential and we can talk about how you can tap into useful networks back in your home towns.


Chris’ top 3 DojoCon session picks are:

Drone coding session

Learning to code the flight path of a drone makes such an engaging and exciting competition. The inspiration that you see in the kids really makes you think about the potential of these (often much maligned) pieces of tech.

Animation with Blender

Aidy is one of our mentors and has quite the CV including having worked on the recent LEGO movie. He shows our ninjas (and their parents!) how to create a piece of animation on this very powerful open source software. It really has potential.


The old favourite Minecraft is always the busiest room at our Dojo and atmosphere is crazy as a combination of coding and game play lead to noise levels way above legal limits!

“Most of all I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and pinching some of your ideas!”

For more information and to get your tickets, visit:

DojoCon 2017: All hands on tech

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