New Scratch Project Cards

As part of our Back to Dojo preparation, I’ve taken the fantastic work done by the Wilmslow Dojo and expanded two of their projects into a full Sushi Card Series that goes through how the projects work and why some of the coding decisions are made the way they are. I’ve also added a few extra bits that cover some new topics.

These are great for first-time coders to learn basic concepts of programming!

They cover things like controlling characters with your keyboard, tracking score, handling collisions between them, drawing pictures to the screen, storing lists of settings, using loops and basic conditional logic.

You can find them here:scratch_cat_large

We’ve also released a Scratch card that we will be using at CoderDojo’s 5th Birthday Dojo here. Try them out at your Dojo!

Source Files

As Scratch is a highly visual language and uses block rather than text-based code, I opted to design a somewhat more visual set of Sushi Cards than my more recent, Chopsticks-powered, stuff.

The source files are still available, in a few formats, in the content repository on GitHub.

Feedback in the forums

As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share any feedback you have in the forums!


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