Beginner’s Python Sushi

We’ve got some new Sushi Cards for you! They cover the Python programming language, which is probably my favourite language for how easy it is to do things that can be tricky in other languages, coupled with the way it looks surprisingly close to English.

What’s Python?

Python is popular for a wide range of tasks, from building websites like YouTube and Instagram to crunching numbers in science and big data. You can also build video games in it, though there are better choices for that. It also has the advantage of being a very readable language, quite close to plain English in a lot of places. It looks like this:

if(pet_type == "dog" and pet_trick=="speak"):

That’s fairly comprehensible, but if you’re not following, just work through these Sushi Cards and you’ll be sorted!

Sushi Cards

They’re up on Kata! The new cards have been reviewed by our Python panel and have undergone some limited testing (and been updated following both), but have never seen full-scale use in a Dojo. Therefore, I’m putting a “beta” label on them, until I get some feedback from actual use in a Dojo. I’ll be contacting my Beta Dojos shortly to ask for that!

For now, feel free to download them, tinker with them and send me any feedback you’ve got by email.

Card Creation

I created these cards using a Markdown to Sushi Card converter I’ve been working on. It’s still not quite ready for release, but it means that it’s very quick to make changes and releasing non-Enlgish versions of the cards should be relatively speedy, once translations start coming in.


On that note, you can help us start translating these cards into any languages you may speak here. As ever, if you want to translate to a language that’s not listed there, send me an email and I’ll fix it.

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