We Rocked! Now, what’s your next step after DojoCon 2013?


Only one way to put it – DojoCon 2013 rocked in Slane Castle. Now what’s your next step?

Coolest Project Awards

Noel King of DCU Dojo spoke about the next big Dojo meetup- the Coolest Project Awards, due in September. This is going to include mentors and Ninjas, is shaping up to have a real buzz! More at
Also keep an eye on @LiaoNet for more information on the Citrix competition.

Eugene of HelloWorld and CoderDojo Limerick asked to highlight the #DojoChat hashtag for the Tweetup. http://www.coderdojomidwest.com/introducing-dojochat/

Stand up and be Counted

Niall MacCaughey of Bray Dojo was in touch, I’m guessing a lot of people found the same at the conference.
I have a suggestion. There were plenty of people I met at the weekend who contact details I wanted, but failed to get; I’m sure that applies to others.  Could you ask all of the participants if they would be willing to have their contact details and Dojo included on a mailing to all of the participants?
How about we just crowdsource the answer? We have put a public spreadsheet on our Google drive, anybody with the link can edit: http://goo.gl/Tu7sk

If you prefer, you could email [email protected] , [email protected] so that  you and your dojo are on their radar.

Rachel (you’ll remember her with the camera!) has shared her photos on Flickr. Feel free to add yours with the hashtag #DojoCon2013

Don’t see yourself there? There are more photos here

Workgroups and Talks
A lot of people took time out on the day to share their thoughts in the workgroups, and this work is still ongoing – improving communications was one of the big themes.

Michael’s slides are here
We’re also in the process of adding speaker slides to the http://conference.coderdojo.com site, so check back there often.

And Finally …
Once again, our sincere thanks. We had a blast, and  we couldn’t have done it without you!http://conference.coderdojo.com/two-little-words/
Paul, Graham, Michelle, James , Stephen, and every one of the 20+ people who helped on DojoCon 2013

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