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A global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people between 7 and 17.



If you’re passionate about inspiring young people to be creative with technology, sign up now to join one of our teams of volunteers. Volunteering is easy and involves sparing just a few hours a month.

You don’t have to be a tech expert or even have experience teaching. Volunteers support smaller groups of young people with projects that they lead and are excited about.

There’s a volunteer dream team which involves a person with some programming experience volunteering alongside people who have experience helping inspire young people – like parents or grandparents – and people who love being creative in some capacity. There are opportunities for everyone and training, support and resources are available to volunteers if needed.

Volunteering with CoderDojo gives people the chance to develop teamwork and digital skills, meet new people and give back to their community.

Key roles in a CoderDojo volunteer “Dream Team”:

  • Can you code? People with tech skills are hugely valuable to making CoderDojos a success and play a key role – at least one person familiar with code is needed in each team of volunteers
  • Are you creative? CoderDojo is all about making, trying new things and coming up with new ideas – volunteers who work in like creating – whether at work, in their studies or as their hobby are much in demand
  • Are you confident with young people? Parents and grandparents make great volunteers – if you’ve supervised a playdate you’ve got just the experience needed. People who have experience helping young people develop in a professional or personal capacity are also highly sought after.





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