A simpler future for events in our community platform

8 August 2019 · by Conor Murphy

Today we’re launching a simpler event ticketing system for Dojos worldwide. Those who use the CoderDojo platform regularly will now find it easier to create and manage events on it. Managing Dojo sessions is central to the CoderDojo community, which is why this has always been a key part of the community platform. The platform’s event function was built to give Dojos the tools they need to run successfully from the start. Dojos having their upcoming events on our platform opens them up to many more people and makes onboarding new volunteers easier. All these people… Read More

A new, easier booking process and an exciting few months ahead!

4 July 2018 · by Conor Murphy

Conor, Product Manager. We’ve released a completely new simplified process for parents/guardians to book their children into a Dojo event on the CoderDojo platform (Zen). We hope that you find it as useful and as easy to use as we think you will. I want to take you through why and how we built it, and what it means for how we’re building the CoderDojo platform into the future. Why rebuild the booking process? We noticed several things that convinced us to remake the booking flow for Zen. The majority of champions/Mentors that had complaints about the Zen platform… Read More

More reasons to publish events on the CoderDojo Platform

20 March 2018 · by Conor Murphy

We’re always working on ways to help Dojos get more value out of the Dojo events they publish on the CoderDojo platform, Zen. Here are the top releases we’ve completed in the last 30 days to achieve this goal. Using your events to make finding easier If you use event management and ticketing on the CoderDojo platform, we now show on the search page whether your Dojo has an upcoming event! Below is a example of how it looks right now. This makes it much easier for parents. youths and prospective mentors to find your Dojo to book into it. Read More

Launching Eventbrite Integration on the CoderDojo Community Platform

19 July 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The CoderDojo Community Platform (Zen) enables Champions, Co-Champions and those with Dojo Admin rights the ability to create ticketed events. However, some Dojos already use Eventbrite for helping them organise and manage their Dojo events and we want to make sure parents and young people can find and book into all events easily. Does your Dojo currently use Eventbrite for their events? If your Dojo is one of these you can now integrate your Dojo events created on Eventbrite with their Dojo page on the CoderDojo Community Platform! You still manage events directly on Eventbrite but… Read More

Integrating The Community Platform on coderdojo.nl

4 February 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The CoderDojo Community Platform, sometimes referred to as ‘Zen’, hosts Dojo Profiles, enables mentors, parents and youths to create their own CoderDojo profile and book tickets to Dojo events. Volunteers and youths can also earn digital badges on their profiles for completing our E-learning modules, or learning new programming skills; such as intermediate Python. The platform also enables people to search for Dojos currently running on our Dojo map and chat to other members of the community on our forums. One of our responsibilities as regional body is making sure we connect stakeholders in our region. Part… Read More

Building a platform for the community in 2016 and beyond

22 December 2016 · by Daniel Brierton

2016 has been a busy year for the software development team in the CoderDojo Foundation. We, Guillaume and Daniel, joined the team in March and June respectively. We inherited the CoderDojo Community Platform (Zen), and became the CoderDojo Foundation dev team (yes, the entire team). The platform is where people can search and find Dojos, sign up as a mentor, book tickets to Dojo events, award and receive digital badges and chat on forums. We had two great, talented interns, Adam and Cian, work with us this year. The only catch was that we had to teach… Read More