CoderDojo youths to teach MEPs about code at #EUDojo to celebrate Europe Code Week!

16 September 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

CoderDojo youths to teach MEPs about code at #EUDojo in the EU Parliament to celebrate Europe Code Week! On September 30th, in collaboration with Sean Kelly, MEP, CoderDojo is running a special event at the European Parliament in Brussels, which will bring together young people, MEPs and industry leaders from across Europe to launch Europe Code Week. Digital literacy is fast becoming an essential competency for everyone living in this connected world. According to a recent European estimate, by 2020 Europe is expected to face a shortfall of more than 900,000 technically skilled employees. Read More

Attend CoderDojo’s #EUDojo @ the European Parliament, Brussels!

25 August 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

Hosted by Seán Kelly, MEP from 1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 30th September 2015. The EU Dojo is taking place again this year on the 30th September in the European Parliament in Brussels to celebrate EU Code Week. At the event MEP’s will be taught their first lines of code by CoderDojo youth attendees! Would you like to attend the event in Brussels and teach the MEP’s a thing or two about coding? Get Involved We are looking for Mentors and Champions from all over Europe to… Read More

Ten more CoderDojo clubs are to be set up over next twelve months in Ireland.

21 October 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Ten new CoderDojo clubs will be set up across Ireland over the next twelve months, bringing the total number up to more than 130. The announcement, which was part of the second EU Code Week, is being done in partnership with UPC. The locations of the new clubs hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it’s believed that some of them will be set up in Dublin, Kildare and Limerick. Commenting on the announcement, the Global CEO of CoderDojo said that coding knowhow is becoming an important skill for young people in life, regardless of whether they use… Read More

MEPs learn to code from CoderDojo youth at the #EUDojo!

16 October 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Sean Kelly MEP, Thomas and Dojo-Bot On October 14th, CoderDojo and Sean Kelly MEP hosted the second #EUDojo event, where 35 CoderDojo attendees from Dojos in Poland, Romania, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands taught MEPs to write their first line of code. The special #EUDojo in the European Parliament brought together young coders, MEPs and industry leaders from across Europe to celebrate CodeWeek.EU. During the two hour ‘reverse Dojo’ CoderDojo youth Mentors showcased their technological ability by Mentoring MEPs to build websites using HTML. MEPs that learned to make their own websites at #EUDojo included:… Read More

CoderDojo tells EU it plans to grow from 25,000 kids coding to 100,000

14 October 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Today, some 30 CoderDojo students from Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Romania gathered for the second year in a row at the European Parliament in Brussels to drive home the importance of learning how to code at a young age. CoderDojo’s recently appointed CEO Mary Moloney said the ambition for CoderDojo is to grow the movement from 25,000 currently to 100,000 in the next three years. Read the full article by Silicon Republic. Read More

Sean Kelly asks EU to fund ‘CoderDojo’ youth coding clubs

13 October 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Sean Kelly MEP will ask the new European Commission to consider funding innovative initiatives such as ‘CoderDojo’, which was co-founded in Cork by James Whelton and Bill Liao, through the EU’s Erasmus+ funding which covers education and training for youth. CoderDojo provides an informal, fun setting for children and young people to learn how to write computer code. The South MEP made the call ahead of hosting an EU CoderDojo event in the European Parliament tomorrow (Tuesday, October 14th), featuring CoderDojo co-founder Bill Liao and Global CEO Mary Maloney, to highlight the importance of encouraging our youngest citizens… Read More