EU Code Week

Code Week Badge!

13 October 2016 · by Nuala McHale

We have just released the ‘Code Week’ digital badge which can be awarded to CoderDojo community members who shared their knowledge with others by attending a Dojo or other coding event during the month of October. Once you have booked your ticket on the Community Platform and are checked in by your Dojo Champion (or ticketing admin) you will be automatically awarded the Badge in early November! Alternatively, Champions, or those who a Dojo Champion has given Admin rights to can award ninjas and volunteers the Code Week badge. Read More

Rewarding creativity and participation with digital badges!

6 October 2016 · by Pete O'Shea

This month were celebrating Badge-tober! A full month highlighting our awesome digital badges and how you can award, design, earn & show them off! There are a lot of CoderDojo Ninjas learning new skills at their local Dojos and creating awesome projects as a result. We believe that this creativity should be rewarded! That’s why we created official CoderDojo Digital badges for the community using Mozilla’s open source badging platform. Within the CoderDojo Community digital badges are a way to acknowledge digital and soft skills achieved by both youth and adult attendees at Dojos. They are an… Read More

The Robolab Playhouse Event for EU CodeWeek at CoderDojo Thessaloniki by Liz Terzidou

10 November 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

The Robolab Playhouse Event for EU CodeWeek at CoderDojo Thessaloniki by Liz Terzidou At CoderDojo Thessaloniki, young Ninja Coders [from 7 to 17 year old] celebrated the Europe Code Week with Scratch, Robotics and a Hangout with a Greek Googler [Lila Kanistra from Google Ireland], who encouraged and inspired them to keep coding! The young Ninjas of CoderDojo Thessaloniki were introduced to basic programming concepts and they were excited to code their own ‘Ode to Code Dance’ with Scratch! We accentuated the importance of coding in our future robo-creations, showcased our new hardware inventory, (electronics such as Arduino,… Read More

CoderDojo Europe Press – October 2015

14 October 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

Digital experts say coding leads to empowerment (and jobs) 15th October 2015 – EU Code Week SPECIAL REPORT / Computer programming brings “empowerment” to the individual, according to digital experts, who say teaching kids how to code will also prepare them for the jobs of the future. The European Commission is worried that as many as 825,000 digital jobs may be unfilled in the EU by 2020 as employees are unable to find workers who possess the right skills. To put the issue on the agenda, the EU… Read More

CoderDojo youths to teach MEPs about code at #EUDojo to celebrate Europe Code Week!

16 September 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

CoderDojo youths to teach MEPs about code at #EUDojo in the EU Parliament to celebrate Europe Code Week! On September 30th, in collaboration with Sean Kelly, MEP, CoderDojo is running a special event at the European Parliament in Brussels, which will bring together young people, MEPs and industry leaders from across Europe to launch Europe Code Week. Digital literacy is fast becoming an essential competency for everyone living in this connected world. According to a recent European estimate, by 2020 Europe is expected to face a shortfall of more than 900,000 technically skilled employees. Read More

Attend CoderDojo’s #EUDojo @ the European Parliament, Brussels!

25 August 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

Hosted by Seán Kelly, MEP from 1pm – 3pm on Wednesday 30th September 2015. The EU Dojo is taking place again this year on the 30th September in the European Parliament in Brussels to celebrate EU Code Week. At the event MEP’s will be taught their first lines of code by CoderDojo youth attendees! Would you like to attend the event in Brussels and teach the MEP’s a thing or two about coding? Get Involved We are looking for Mentors and Champions from all over Europe to… Read More