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CoderDojo Heroes: Yohei Yasukawa – Co-founder of CoderDojo Japan

30 March 2016 · by Ross O'Neill

1. Tell us a bit about yourself I’m a member of CoderDojo Community Committee from Japan. I founded and working at YassLab, a small distributed company that works remotely in Japan. My colleagues and I are very passionate to contribute to open-source communities, especially to Ruby, Rails, and CoderDojo. 2. Which Dojo are you from? CoderDojo Tokyo, the 1st dojo in Asia, which is held every weekend in OpenSource Cafe.   3. When and how did you get involved in CoderDojo? I saw the GitHub’s post when I was working in Silicon… Read More

CoderDojo Heroes: Gauthamraj Elango – CoderDojo Champion @ Erode, India

6 January 2016 · by Ross O'Neill

CoderDojo Heroes: Gauthamraj Elango – CoderDojo Champion @CoderDojo Erode, India Which Dojo are you from? CoderDojo Erode located in India. Describe what CoderDojo means to you in 3 words! Exposure, Opportunity and FUN ! Where is your Dojo located and what venue do you use to run? Why did you choose to set up your Dojo there and in that venue? Our Dojo is located in Perundurai, a town in the district of Erode in Tamilnadu, india. Currently, we run our Dojo in F-infotech office space, a tech startup that I co-founded recently. Our Dojo was formed recently and… Read More

CoderDojo Heroes: Garima Singh – CoderDojo Champion @ Round Rock, Texas

16 December 2015 · by Sarah Leahy

CoderDojo Heroes: Garima Singh – CoderDojo Champion @ Round Rock, Texas Which Dojo are you from? CoderDojo Round Rock located at TechShop, Austin, Texas, USA. When and how did you get involved in CoderDojo? I became interested in Computer Science only after taking a course in 10th grade. I wished then that I had had an exposure to it earlier on. I know that many people find coding intimidating or are not aware that it is a helpful skill in any field. I wanted to change this by educating kids and their… Read More

CoderDojo Heroes: Michael Doherty – CoderDojo @Warehouse Dublin

30 November 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

CoderDojo Heroes: Michael Doherty – CoderDojo @Warehouse Dublin What Dojo are you from? Dublin @ The Warehouse When and How did you get involved in CoderDojo? During Summer 2012, my daughter Rachel asked me to bring my eldest grandchild Patrick,who was then eleven years of age, to CoderDojo. Since I had to stay with Patrick in any case, and since I was a retired IT professional, I agreed  to help out by becoming a mentor. I found it challenging and rewarding.  I now bring along as well, Patrick’s eight-year-old brother Diarmid, and Paula, a fourteen year old Spanish… Read More

CoderDojo Heroes: Fergal Dearle – CoderDojo Wexford

19 October 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

What CoderDojo are you from? Wexford, Co. Wexford. Ireland When and how did you get involved in CoderDojo? Both my wife Caroline and eldest daughter Eabha are teachers in Wexford town. I started hearing from them about the kids who were attending CoderDojo. Caroline mentioned to several people that I was a professional software developer and the word was coming back on several fronts that I should volunteer which I eventually did at the beginning of 2015. I have to say however, that it has been one of the most interesting and rewarding things I’ve been involved in… Read More

CoderDojo Heroes: Doonyah & Farhat Alucozai – CoderDojo Anvil, Indiana

22 September 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

CoderDojo wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of its awesome community members who volunteer their time to run Dojos all around the world. We hear a lot about community members who are doing amazing things for their Dojos and the CoderDojo Community. We have decided to honour volunteers with a new series for our blog called CoderDojo Heroes. We are going to interview volunteers from Dojos all over the world and hear about the incredible things that they are doing. The second Hero, or should we say Heroes, in this series are Doonyah and Faraht Alucozai from… Read More