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CoderDojo Heroes: Clyde Hatter – CoderDojo Bray

14 August 2015 · by Annabel Cleary

CoderDojo wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of its awesome community members who volunteer their time to run Dojos all around the world. We hear a lot about community members who are doing amazing things for their Dojos and the CoderDojo Community. We have decided to honour volunteers with a new series for our blog called CoderDojo Heroes. We are going to interview volunteers from Dojos all over the world and hear about the incredible things that they are doing. The first Hero in this series is Clyde Hatter from CoderDojo Bray. Clyde came up with the… Read More

CoderDojo’s first book is now available!

22 September 2016 · by Nuala McHale

You can now buy CoderDojo’s first of three Nano books, CoderDojo: Create with Code in stores in Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, Spain & the UK or online! CoderDojo growth since 2011 is illustrated by over 1,150 Dojos located in 66 countries around the world, including Bolivia, Madagascar and Japan. CoderDojo clubs (Dojos) give the opportunity to learn how to develop apps, programs, games and explore technology in an informal and free creative environment. For children who can’t get to a Dojo, CoderDojo has developed a book so they too can learn to ‘Create with Code’!… Read More

NYC CoderDojo Champion invited to Whitehouse

31 July 2013 · by CoderDojo

Look what NYC CoderDojo Champion Rebecca Garcia just got invited to. MEDIA ADVISORY White House Highlights Tech Inclusion “Champions of Change” DATE: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 TIME:  2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET WHAT: Tomorrow, the White House will honor 11 local heroes who are “Champions of Change for Tech Inclusion.”  The event will celebrate Americans who are doing extraordinary things to expand technology opportunities for young learners—especially minorities, women and girls, and others from communities historically underserved or underrepresented in tech fields.  These champions are inspiring students to become the developers, engineers, and innovators who will create solutions to some of… Read More

24 Help-athon supported by Riot Games Dublin

16 August 2016 · by Pete O'Shea

On the 26th – 27th of May, members of Riot Games Dublin and the CoderDojo Foundation team worked together for an epic 24 hours at the Riot offices in Dublin. During this 24 hours the aim was for Rioters to share their expertise and work with a CoderDojo Foundation team member to push forward a specific project that the CoderDojo Foundation team were working on. Watch the video below: Help-athon Diary The CoderDojo team arrived at the Riot Games Dublin HQ at 11am on the 26th of May, where we had breakfast and met our new… Read More

Pete announced as Code Week Ambassador!

15 January 2018 · by Nuala McHale

We are delighted to share that CoderDojo Community Lead, Pete, has been named as a Europe Code Week Ambassador! Pete has been an active proponent of coding through his role supporting Dojos around the world, mentoring at Dojos, volunteering at MegaDojo’s and championing his own club. Speaking after he was announced as a Code Week ambassador Pete explained how: “CoderDojo is all about giving young people the opportunity to learn all about digital skills and technology! As part of this I have been promoting the importance of learning Digital Skills… Read More

What’s it all about, this tech & coding stuff, aaaggghhh? Episode 1: Coding / Software / Hardware

25 September 2015 · by Mary Moloney

Have you ever felt that; Everybody seems to be talking about technology, latest tech products, trends in technology, the next big thing, coding, programming, coding languages etc. and   Everybody seems to know what they’re talking about as well and How do they know all this stuff and Isn’t all this tech talk a bit confusing if not downright alien and scary. I can relate to those feelings, as a Law graduate surrounded by Computer Science graduates in my first job, my introduction to technology was not the… Read More