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Where’s My Mentor?

16 April 2013 · by Barry James

A 9 year old Dojo attendee quizzed me about what #DojoCon2013 was all about and I promised that I’d blog about why the conference was important to her and other CoderDojo attendees all over the world. – Mentors love coding and they want other people to love coding too.  You see, sharing makes people happy but sharing knowledge makes people even happier.  All the mentors in one Dojo know may alot about coding but all the mentors in all the Dojos know a whole lot more.  The conference was all about getting all the mentors in one… Read More

Introducing #dojochat

14 April 2013 · by Karen OConnell

There is lots to write about the amazing DojoCon 2013 which was held at Slane Castle, Co. Meath this weekend. One of the most obvious things was the need for Coderdojo mentors and members to share information and ideas and connect with each other to continue to help Coderdojo grow and sustain itself as a movement. So like all the best hackers, we are borrowing a concept that works really well on Twitter for teachers in Ireland and going to start #dojochat. This is only one way that we can stay connected across Coderdojo and… Read More

Two Little Words

14 April 2013 · by barry

There are two words that pack a mighty punch despite their size and we want to say them to each and every person who was at or involved in DojoCon 2013. Thank You! That means you! A huge thank you to everyone from James Whelton to the Pizza Delivery guy and to everyone in between. Each and every one of you played a vital role in what was a seriously cool event.  (Just look at the twitter stream to see the energy and buzz from the weekend) A great conference… Read More

Cisco Transatlantic CoderDojo Challenge 2013

11 April 2013 · by Rebecca

UPDATE 1 The entry form is now available, get your entries in before the deadline. Go to We’re excited to announce the Transatlantic Dojo challenge! Entry criteria:  Competition open to all CoderDojo ninjas at all ages. Submissions can be from individuals and teams of up to three youth. Competition Description: The “Cisco Transatlantic CoderDojo Challenge” is to create an innovative Software Project using the skills and knowledge gained in CoderDojo. The winning entries from individuals or teams, will be the CoderDojo project which is most innovative and novel with extra credits for ideas that show… Read More

Rock’n’Code, CoderDojo Style @ Slane Castle

3 April 2013 · by Denise

CoderDojo Founder James Whelton with Lord Henry of Slane Castle There is only one place to be this April 12th and 13th. That’s the Boyne Valley area of Ireland. More specifically, Drogheda and the rock venue Slane Castle. Why? It’s where the global mentor conference is being held. As we know, the CoderDojo phenomenon relies on the voluntary work of mentors. DojoCon2013 is the only international conference aimed at mentors and potential mentors. Now, in its second year, DojoCon 2013 will provide mentors from across the globe the opportunity to exchange new ideas, explore cutting-edge technologies and share ideas on… Read More

CoderDojo Drogheda to Host Girl Geek Dinner Event

30 March 2013 · by Drogheda

Coder Dojo Drogheda are hosting a Girl Geek Dinners event the week before DojoCon to highlight to show our support for a key theme of the conference to encourage more girls into CoderDojo and Science generally. It is not part of the conference but we are privileged to have Louise Phelan of PayPal be our speaker that night so if you can make it see below… Louise Phelan of PayPal discusses Girls Tech, Business & CoderDojo Girl Geek Dinners, CoderDojo Drogheda & Network Louth Meath invite you to a ‘Girl Tech & Female Entrepreneurs’ dinner with special guest Louise Phelan… Read More