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Developing your Dojo: through depth

15 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

The theme for this week of Back to Dojo, and next, is “Developing your Dojo”. On that basis, I thought I’d do a pair of blog posts that cover the two approaches to using educational content to do so: Going broad, or going deep. Going broad, by covering new and… Read More

Join our Open Community Call on September 20th!

11 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Our next Open Community Call will be on Wednesday 20 September at 11am UTC (which is 12 noon in the ROI/UK). The call will be facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. On this open call: Giustina, the Foundation’s Executive Director will discuss updates to the CoderDojo… Read More

Community Content Release: Getting Creative

11 September 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Looking for something different to try at your Dojo? Look no further! From storytelling to making music with code, you can really get the creative juices flowing with these resources by our wonderful volunteers.   Storytelling with Twine Twine is a program that you can use to write… Read More

Mentor Story: Maggie on understanding what kids want

6 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

CoderDojo Mentor Maggie shares her experiences on the importance of mentorship, challenging stereotypes and understanding what kids want in order to encourage girls in Dojos and to get involved in technology related fields. This post is part of our CoderDojo Girls Initiative. My name is Maggie… Read More

Announcing the release of our second book “Make your Own Game”

5 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The first official CoderDojo book, CoderDojo Nano: Build Your Own Website, was a resounding success: it’s available in ten languages, including Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Slovakian and thousands of copies have been bought by aspiring CoderDojo Ninjas. Read More

Are you ready for the next Content Hackathon?

1 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

A few months ago we ran our first Content Hackathon, focused on translating our materials from English into other languages. It was a 24 hour effort and involved CoderDojo Community members from all over the world. In general, it was a great success, with a few opportunities for us… Read More

Community Content Release: A-Maze-ing Scratch Tips

28 August 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Scratch continues to be one of the most popular choices for Ninjas to learn to code. This fine collection of resources will give you loads of Scratch skills to add to your tool belt, all thanks to the dedicated volunteers of CoderDojo.   Maze Game & Blocks Cheat Sheet… Read More

Community Content Release: Hardware

25 August 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

The quest for community created content continues. This time I’ve got some resources for the hardware enthusiasts out there!   Arduino LED Sushi Become the LED Master with this set of challenges created by Liam Friel of CoderDojo Bray! You’ll have fun playing with LEDs as you learn how to control… Read More