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KANO en CoderDojo Valencia

5 January 2017 · by Pete

Bernat, champion de CoderDojo Valencia Queremos compartir las primeras experiencias con los kits de Kano que recibimos de la Fundación CoderDojo en asociación con Kano. Nuestro Dojo está en la ciudad de Valencia, España y tenemos un espacio permanente en la sede… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo—Reviewing your Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

Collecting feedback After your Dojo has been running for a while everyone involved will have an opinion on how to make it better. This is an open movement, so collect them and use them! Ask for feedback, listen to everyone involved and think about how you can make things better. Those of… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo—Running your Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

A typical Dojo Once everything’s planned, it’s time for the fun part! Promote your Dojo (we will be posting a blog on exactly how you can do this later this week!) and get people to attend. You can create ticketed Dojo events on the newly upgraded CoderDojo Community Platform so you can track… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo—Planning your Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

Dojo topics and layout Assuming you’ve already managed to put together a team of Mentors and Volunteers to help run your Dojo, secured a venue and chosen a schedule, you need to get everyone together. Discuss, in person, over email or via Skype, a number of key questions around how you are actually going… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

We want to help save you some time and effort in running your Dojo. This week, we’re launching #BackToDojo for 2017! I’m going to start us off and talk about what a year in the life of a Dojo using all of the resources, which we will be exploring during the month… Read More

Enabling Dojo’s in 2016 and beyond

28 December 2016 · by Rachel Schoene

Rachel here, wow what a year it has been! As some of you know I joined the CoderDojo Foundation at the end of May this year. Although, my involvement with the movement began over 2 years ago when I decided to help out at the local Dojo… Read More

Connecting and supporting the global CoderDojo community

23 December 2016 · by Pete

“2016 marks my 3rd year here at the Foundation and each year has been an exciting and rewarding experience! At the start of the year I changed role from communications to community lead for EMEA joining Ross to create the global community team! The highlight for… Read More

Awesome Community Highlights 2016

22 December 2016 · by Ross O'Neill

2016 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. Yes, a year that can be considered by many to be of questionable, turbulent and ever increasingly controversial times in areas such as politics, economics, and global affairs. However, in our… Read More

Building a platform for the community in 2016 and beyond

22 December 2016 · by Daniel Brierton

2016 has been a busy year for the software development team in the CoderDojo Foundation. We, Guillaume and Daniel, joined the team in March and June respectively. We inherited the CoderDojo Community Platform (Zen), and became the CoderDojo Foundation dev team (yes, the entire team). The platform… Read More

My Top 5 Content Highlights of 2016

22 December 2016 · by Philip Harney

2016 was my first year working full-time for CoderDojo and, since I joined the team as the Content Lead in February , I’ve loved working to make the lives of our Mentors and Champions easier by giving them ready-made content to use in their Dojos. I think we’ve got… Read More