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Graphic Recordings of the Dublin Meet

21 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

Last weekend there was some fantastic discussion, and the best bits where recorded by a graphic facilitator into these three montages.       There is a commentary on the three charts here.… Read More

Coderdojo Awesome News 20th August 2012

21 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

This newsletter was supposed to go out yesterday, but there is such a huge amount of news it is difficult to keep up. So the sooner we get some down on paper or email the better. So I will start at the beginning and progress in date order. As always… Read More

Coderdojo Forums Online

15 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

urgent news, James and myself have worked really hard to get the forums up online. This is a crucial step in opening up all of the discussion that is currently taking place on countless emails and instead lets start getting some countrywide (and hopefully international) open discussion where everyone can… Read More

Coderdojo on NBC

7 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

A new Coderdojo has been setup in the US at Albemarle County Public School with 200 children in attendance and 500 more on the guest list. We think this is really awesome and shows the need for Coderdojo. See more on the NBC news report below. Read More

Logo Animation

6 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

Hi all, another great week in the Coderdojo movement, with lots of important things everyone needs to be told about. Please forward this onto anyone who might need a copy… Breaking News – BNI Partnership Coderdojo will be partnering with BNI to establish a new wave of Dojo’s all over… Read More

Coderdojo Rules Tomorrow’s World

4 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

IN towns and villages across Ireland there are small gatherings of children quickly learning how to rule tomorrow’s world.  Welcome to CoderDojo: the movement that pledges to change the way we think and teach… Read More

Dojo News – Apps & Moots

30 July 2012 · by CoderDojo

wow its been an amazing few weeks for Coderdojo. The echo’s of the Leinster House Dojo are still ringing strong with many new Coderdojo’s now on the drawing board in communities across the country, including 2 new plans for Cork to be hosted by the YMCA and Glanmire Community… Read More

When is the summer break at Coder Dojo Limerick?

17 May 2012 · by Eugene McDonough

We had planned to take our summer break starting on the 23rd of June however we now realise that both Mentors and Member will be taking holidays earlier. I have set up each weeks booking form right up until the 23rd and would like you all to now book the weeks you… Read More

Bank Holiday weekend and Administration – Limerick

4 May 2012 · by Eugene McDonough

Hi All, I just want to remind you all that as the coming weekend is a bank holiday weekend there will be no Dojo this Saturday. This gives all the mentors some time with their family’s to recharge their batteries and to come back with more energy. We will… Read More