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Resthill: Update

6 October 2012 · by rob dude

So, the game is coming along well, but sadly we’ve run into a few glitches that will slow down the development. What I can say is that there will be updates. While the game is in development, the campaign is very much alive. If anyone wishes to help with advertising… Read More


6 October 2012 · by rob dude

Hey all, so they’ll be making a game in the upcoming month. I’ll keep you posted and link the facebook page soon. If you have any questions, message me. For now the game must be kept hush but more will be revealed as the months pass. That will be all… Read More

CoderDojo Recycling

3 October 2012 · by CoderDojo

Hi There! Just a quick post asking anyone with old or non-used PCs (or Macs, we’d love that!), to please donate them to the CoderDojo. Sometimes people can forget their laptops. In these situations, people could come to the CoderDojo, and then they would only realize that they forgot their… Read More

Installing wordpress manually

21 September 2012 · by [email protected]

This is just a quick tutorial on how to install WordPress manually. 1.    Download the latest version of WordPress from 2.    Create a MySQL database in H-Sphere. Log into H-Sphere and click on MySQL Server under the heading databases. Click add a database. Call database… Read More

Camara Ireland – More Info

20 September 2012 · by [email protected]

After the recent post about laptops from Camara Ireland lots of Dojos have been asking questions about who we are and what we do….so here’s some answers! Camara Ireland operates as a social enterprise and aims to deliver high quality education through technology and training to schools and community… Read More

Five Deadly Sins of Coding

20 September 2012 · by Alexw

(1)    Do not use images, code or music that you didn’t create!   Stuff you find on the internet is not stuff you can use in games – you need to be creative and make your own images, code or music (or get written permission). Being an artist, coder… Read More

Camara Laptops

17 September 2012 · by CoderDojo

Camara Ireland supports Coderdojo by supplying extremely cheap refurbished laptops for kids in need of some good quality hardware. The basic process is: 1. Parents or volunteers send orders to [email protected] (€114.00 including pp in box of 5 or €125 in a box of 1) 2. Laptop champion (currently Gail… Read More

What I want to Talk about at the Conference

11 September 2012 · by jamesc

As a mentor it is great fun to notice the different learning styles.  It is a challenge to adapt to them. In Dublin we have children who are fanatic gamers.  Minecraft is by far the most popular game.  The idea of getting behind the games and modifying the Java source… Read More

Awesome Newsletter 10th September 2012

10 September 2012 · by CoderDojo

This Newsletter is sent to a small group of people who have specifically requested it, mainly focused on the NSC in Cork. Feel free to redistribute, copy, change and generally spread around the news. Remember ‘be cool’ and have a good week. Regards Lindsay Bill & James keep it… Read More