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Resthill: Into the dark

29 October 2012 · by rob dude

The new quest featured will involve the player delving into an out of control prison to stop a riot, rescue a guard and defeat the evil harvester! About 3 new missions have been added in as well. If you would like to beta test or get involved, contact me… Read More

Mega Ping-Pong “Easy Scratch”!

20 October 2012 · by Shaun Deakin

My game “Mega Ping-Pong” a prototype of the real in beta. The ball starts in the middle of the top of the screen. It falls down and you have to keep hitting it back to get points. If it touches the bottom you lose a life. When you lose all… Read More

Resthill:Alpha to Beta

20 October 2012 · by rob dude

Good and bad news. Bad first: A bunch of people have copies of the resthill software, meaning that were racing to get it up. Good news: IT WILL BE UP VERY SOON! Thanks all- Rob… Read More

I’m not a programmer but I’m HOOKED

13 October 2012 · by CoderDojo

A few months ago I hadn’t heard of CoderDojo.  Not until Maureen Lynch, Director in Hays started attending Cork CoderDojo with her daughter.  First of all Maureen saw how much her daughter enjoyed it and second the potential it had for Ireland and the future IT job market.   Last… Read More

Resthill: So far

8 October 2012 · by rob dude

Annnnddd were up and running. The storyline is running smoothly and there aren’t any major bugs. Soon enough the BETA will be up and running and I’m looking for anyone interested. If you are contact the facebook page below. Good luck -Robert Long Head of OutBox Studios… Read More


7 October 2012 · by rob dude

So, quick update. Game is coming along well but for once it’s the storyline that needs a quick fixing. Here’s the official facebook page for the game:… Read More