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How Badges benefit your child

14 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Digital badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge digital skills achieved by attendees at Dojos. They are almost like a Scout’s badge which are awarded once someone reaches a certain level or learns a particular skill except they are digital! How are CoderDojo Badges useful? CoderDojo digital badges allow youths to: verify their programming skills highlight event participation showcase their skills for employment or education They are a great method of validating digital and other skills which aren’t always very visible.   How… Read More

Win free and discounted tickets to Minevention!

11 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The CoderDojo Foundation and the OSi team will be at Minevention in the RDS on the 18th & 19th of Febuary showcasing the awesome OSi Minecraft maps of real life places in Ireland for you to interact with! Check them out here! What is Minevention? Minevention is the unofficial Minecraft conference where you will see all things Minecraft! YouTubers confirmed for Minevention so far: BigBStatz, CaffCast, ChooChoosGaming, FalseSymmetry, InTheLittlewood, NettyPlays, SnakeDoctor, SolidarityGaming, Sqaishey, Tomohawk and TycerX.   How can CoderDojo members Win or get Discounted Tickets? The lovely folks over at Minevention are offering… Read More

Dojo Resources: Freeing up your time

9 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

As many of you will be planning your Dojos for the coming year around now, we’ve decided to point out a few things that can make your lives a lot easier, as part of out #BackToDojo series! Here Philip, our Content Lead explains how using CoderDojo resources can free up your time: When I first planned my own Dojo, I found myself writing original material for everything, not sure whether I could use certain online tutorials or whether they’d be appropriate for the kids at my Dojo. It usually took me longer to prepare for a Dojo than to… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo—Reviewing your Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

Collecting feedback After your Dojo has been running for a while everyone involved will have an opinion on how to make it better. This is an open movement, so collect them and use them! Ask for feedback, listen to everyone involved and think about how you can make things better. Those of us at the Foundation like to hear from the community too! You can always get in touch with us via the forums, social media (eg. Facebook, Twitter) or email (you will find all the links in the footer), but our biggest source of feedback and the source of… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

We want to help save you some time and effort in running your Dojo. This week, we’re launching #BackToDojo for 2017! I’m going to start us off and talk about what a year in the life of a Dojo using all of the resources, which we will be exploring during the month of January, might look like. I’ve talked to folks at a few other Dojos—community, corporate and the Foundation’s own Dojo—coupled with my own experiences, figured out a hypothetical Dojo lifecycle. It seems reasonable for most Dojos to run through it 2–3 times a year.   Breakdown It’s a long… Read More

Awesome Community Highlights 2016

22 December 2016 · by Ross O'Neill

2016 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. Yes, a year that can be considered by many to be of questionable, turbulent and ever increasingly controversial times in areas such as politics, economics, and global affairs. However, in our world of CoderDojo, a world filled with champions, mentors, volunteers, ninjas, tech evangelists, partners, speakers, supporters and all the other downright amazingly ‘cool’ people within the movement, we have seen a year of growth, a year of scaling, a year of, let’s just say it…sublime ‘awesomeness’ within our community.  … Read More