Supporting CoderDojo Girls: A Guide for Parents & Guardians

9 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

This month we launched our CoderDojo Girls initiative. Our aim is to increase the global % of girls attending Dojos from 29% to at least 40% over the next three years. Many parents and guardians are taking steps to support their daughters to develop technical skills. We want to help them and others, who aren’t sure why it is important for girls to learn code, to join the movement to reach gender parity! In this guide we highlight why it is important for girls to learn code, what your daughter will learn at a Dojo and how to support their learning journey. You can download and… Read More

How to Earn your CoderDojo iDEA Badges (UK & IRL)

9 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, aims to equip young people in the UK and Ireland with digital and enterprise skills. Inspired by The Duke of Edinburgh Award (which has supported 8 million young people since its inception), iDEA helps young people learn how to make, create, build and grow in the digital world. Although the iDEA badges are open to anyone, some early piloting in Dojo’s has found that the content and subject matter is probably best suited for age 13 and above – but don’t let that stop anybody giving… Read More

CoderDojo’s 2016 by numbers

13 February 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

CoderDojo had another great year in 2016. We launched a plethora of new content, reached the 1000 Dojo mark and celebrated 5 years since the first Dojo launched in Cork in 2011. Check out our core numbers in 2016 below. Want to know more? Check out our CoderDojo Annual Survey 2016 results here. Read More

Earn your CoderDojo iDEA Badges (UK & IRL)

26 January 2017 · by Pete

This is a fantastic initiative by The Duke of York to help young people in the UK and ROI to learn more about the world of coding and CoderDojo. Badges have been recently created by members of the CoderDojo community for the iDEA Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards! Two have recently been released for young people to earn: Random Coding Python (sign up is required, and anyone of any age, can take part and be awarded the digital badges) Check out the iDEA website to learn more. Read More

Celebrating 4 Years with CoderDojo; What key lessons I’ve learnt

21 January 2017 · by Giustina Mizzoni

On the 21st of January 2013 I walked into our offices off Grafton Street Dublin for my first day working with the CoderDojo Foundation. Initially there was no entity, over the first few months we set up the Hello World Foundation, later becoming the CoderDojo Foundation. At this time, I had no real idea what was in store. Relatively fresh out of my Masters, I was on a journey of discovering what I wanted my career to be. Having gotten to know James throughout 2012, I was inspired by his formidable drive and passion for… Read More

Why check in attendees?

15 January 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

So you’ve started to use the community platform for ticketing to help manage your Dojo. You’ve created your events and got Ninjas, parents and mentors to book their tickets in advance – what’s next you ask?! Checking your attendees in – Checking in is important for your Dojo and for your Ninjas! How do I check in? Just head to ‘Manage Event’ and tick each attendee who arrives at the Dojo on the day. If you don’t have reliable internet you can even export the list and print it out so… Read More

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