How to Get Free Domain names with Radix

24 March 2017 · by Pete

  The awesome folks at Radix are providing free access to their .tech domain names to 100 people involved in Dojos worldwide! Radix is a domain registry. They are offering those involved in Dojos free domains on their .tech domain extension for 5 years, after which they can renew upon request! Yeah, that’s right! Dojos can now get really cool names such as etc. for their projects and websites. Benefits for Coding Ninjas: Free standard domains for 5 years to every Dojo in the program. Dojos who… Read More

Beginner App Inventor Sushi Cards

10 March 2017 · by Philip Harney

Hi everyone! As part of the CoderDojo Girls Initiative we are focusing on content creation as one of the ways of attracting and retaining girls in Dojos globally. We noticed that a significantly higher proportion of girls entered the App category in Coolest Projects compared to other categories. With this in mind I created these mobile app development Sushi Cards. These cards use App Inventor, which is a pretty straightforward tool for creating mobile apps. They walk the Ninja through building a quiz app where they can add as many questions as they like, keep score and then… Read More

Síofra Kelleher: Future Makers Awards Finalist

10 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

During Europe Code Week 2016, the Future Makers Awards invited youngsters between 10-17 years old to ‘make the future’ and use their coding superpowers to bring about a positive social impact and change in their communities. We received applications from 13 countries! The projects were judged on their technological & coding complexity, their positive social impact and how innovative they are. Síofra is one of the finalists in the 14-17 year old category who you can read more about below! Síofra Kelleher Síofra is 16 years old and from Ireland. She was inspired to create a project after hearing… Read More

Join us for the CoderDojo Coolest Projects APPATHON!

6 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Estimote beacons When? Saturday 25th March 2017, from 10am to 8pm (food/refreshments will be provided). Where? Travelport Digital, 1 Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 HY05 The Idea! This year we are developing a digital treasure hunt for attendees of CoderDojo Coolest Projects which takes place in the RDS, Dublin on Saturday 17th June 2017. We want to place bluetooth wireless beacons in different locations at the event for attendees to find using an app specifically developed for the treasure hunt. These beacons will be picked up by the app based on proximity. By… Read More

How you can Support the CoderDojo Girls Initiative

1 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Today, we are launching our CoderDojo Girls initiative. Our aim is to increase the global % of girls attending Dojos from 29% to at least 40% over the next three years. Many Dojos are already taking measures to reach more young girls, we want to work with them to inspire more Dojos to join the movement to reach gender parity! This will only be achieved if everyone in the community and wider ecosystem works together to make it a priority. Why start this initiative? We want to help make the… Read More

Dojo Hero: Martina, on facing challenges and finding inspiration

24 February 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Martina, with her translation of “Hello Ruby” I am Martina, a 28-year-old woman passionate about working with children and an advocate for volunteer work and community participation. As one of the co-founders of CoderDojo Bulgaria and a member of the organization team of Rails Girls Sofia, I had the amazing opportunity to meet inspiring people and understand how important volunteering is for me, for the community and for the society as a whole. The Tipping Point I still remember how it all began for me – that morning when I woke up and… Read More

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