Coding clubs in Glasgow libraries

23 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The aim of the Coder in Residence project was to create a sustainable framework of coding clubs for young people in Glasgow Libraries. This project has been run in partnership with CoderDojo Scotland. Currently we have 12 coding clubs running frequently within Glasgow, with this number continuing to grow. 4 other venues have run events with a view to becoming regular in the future. The majority of these events are open to the public, with some being run for local schools. Throughout the last 14 months coding sessions have been delivered to over 1800 young people and over 100… Read More

Our 5 latest improvements to the Community Platform!

15 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Software Engineers, Daniel and Guillaume, and Content Lead Philip have made some awesome design and feature improvements to the Community Platform recently including: 1. New “My Dojos” page design The new layout (see left) makes creating events, viewing & managing your members, editing your Dojo profile and finding resources easier for Champions, Co-Champions & Dojo Admins. 2. New “Contact Dojo Members” functionality Champions, Co-Champions & Dojo Admins can now email the members of their Dojo(s) (or filter so that you only email a specific group eg. mentors) from within the platform. Find out more about this really useful… Read More

How to email members of your Dojo from within the Platform

13 May 2017 · by Giustina Mizzoni

Last month, among designing the new Start a Dojo process, drafting specs for a new content platform and working on end-to-end test our software team pushed a new feature for the Community Platform (Zen) that I, among many community members had requested and were waiting for for in great anticipation!   Sure, the new My Dojo’s page that make creating events, viewing & managing your members, editing your Dojo profile and finding resources easier for those managing a Dojo, however the new feature is something a little smaller that directly benefits Champions and Mentors with Admin privileges… Read More

Turning your Digital Badges into Physical Badges!

10 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

As you may know, CoderDojo participants can receive digital badges as a recognition of their developing skills or their participation in the CoderDojo community. Digital Badges are awarded by Dojo Champions or those who have been given Dojo Admin rights, for most things. Digital Badges that have been awarded appear on youths and mentors profile pages on the community platform. Parents can also see what badges their children have been awarded on the platform when their accounts are connected. These badge images can be shared so they can include it in the websites they are coding and show them off! Did you know… Read More

How Badges benefit your child

5 May 2017 · by Pete

Digital badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge digital skills achieved by attendees at Dojos. They are almost like a Scout’s badge which are awarded once someone reaches a certain level or learns a particular skill except they are digital! How are CoderDojo Badges useful? CoderDojo digital badges allow youths to: verify their programming skills highlight event participation showcase their skills for employment or education They are a great method of validating digital and other skills which aren’t always very visible.   How… Read More

New Web Safety & Inclusion Policy Resources

28 April 2017 · by Ross O'Neill

How is everyone??!!! Ross here, one of your two community leads at the CoderDojo Foundation. We are coming to end of April, where has the time gone!!!!??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well, last week I released as I am sure you are all well aware of as you read all my posts 😛  lots of Erasmus+ goodies such as Best Practice Sushi Cards that I created and on top of that, two, not just one but TWO!! E+ Reports!!! One on Recognition to Prior Learning from Cork Institute of Technology and another report on Recommend Practice from Wimi5. If you missed this go… Read More

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