Coding clubs in Glasgow libraries

23 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The aim of the Coder in Residence project was to create a sustainable framework of coding clubs for young people in Glasgow Libraries. This project has been run in partnership with CoderDojo Scotland. Currently we have 12 coding clubs running frequently within Glasgow, with this number continuing to grow. 4 other venues have run events with a view to becoming regular in the future. The majority of these events are open to the public, with some being run for local schools. Throughout the last 14 months coding sessions have been delivered to over 1800 young people and over 100… Read More

How Badges benefit your child

5 May 2017 · by Pete

Digital badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge digital skills achieved by attendees at Dojos. They are almost like a Scout’s badge which are awarded once someone reaches a certain level or learns a particular skill except they are digital! How are CoderDojo Badges useful? CoderDojo digital badges allow youths to: verify their programming skills highlight event participation showcase their skills for employment or education They are a great method of validating digital and other skills which aren’t always very visible.   How… Read More

CoderDojo Bulgaria and the Coolest Projects!

28 April 2017 · by Pete

CoderDojo Bulgaria Please meet Adriana and Vessela, who initially started the first Dojo in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then they have been growing the community and inspiring others to start their own. Now there are 5 verified Dojos across Bulgaria with more on the way! To continue this journey by representing the CoderDojo Community in Bulgaria they recently became a new addition to growing list of official CoderDojo Regional Bodies, whose remit is to support and grow the CoderDojo Community in their country. CoderDojo Coolest Projects Bulgaria The first CoderDojo Coolest Projects was held by CoderDojo DCU in 2012 to reward… Read More

Best Practices for Dojos: Erasmus+ Reports & Recommendations

21 April 2017 · by Ross O'Neill

Hi, folks! With this month’s Online Safety and Best Practice focus, we’re pleased to release two Erasmus reports, one on Recommended Practice, and the other on Recognised Prior Learning. Check them out here! As part of our Erasmus+ project “Training in ICT Programming Skills” Dojos worldwide developed an extensive set of guiding principles that Dojos can consult and choose to meet. These E+ Recommended Practices are styled in the ‘Sushi Card’ format, and serve as a guide for new and existing Dojos in the areas of Recruitment, Dojo development, Child Protection, Recognition, Entrepreneurship & Dissemination. Check… Read More

How to Get Free Domain names with Radix

24 March 2017 · by Pete

  The awesome folks at Radix are providing free access to their .tech domain names to all those involved in Dojos worldwide! Radix is a domain registry. They are offering those involved in Dojos free domains on their .tech domain extension for 5 years, after which they can renew upon request! Yeah, that’s right! Dojos can now get really cool names such as etc. for their projects and websites. Benefits for Coding Ninjas: Free standard domains for 5 years to every Dojo in the program. Dojos… Read More

Apply to receive Micro:bits for your Dojo! (UK)

14 March 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Through the CoderDojo partnership with the Micro:bit Foundation, we are happy to now open applications for you to get Micro:bit kits for your Dojo! Currently this offer is limited to those Dojo’s in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (who are registered on the CoderDojo Community platform). We are hoping to work up an offer for Dojos beyond these countries at a later date! Dojo’s in Scotland can contact the CoderDojo Scotland team directly to arrange if you haven’t already received your Micro:bits. We will be distributing Micro:bits via our friends at Pimorni and in batches of 10 devices per Dojo. Read More

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