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Dojo Heros: What Tramore Dojo have achieved since September

16 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Karen, Champion of Tramore Dojo, (located in Waterford, Ireland) tells us the highlights of all they have achieved since last September thanks to their hard work and dedication. Looking the Part September began with Waterford Technologies sponsoring CoderDojo Tramore’s new T-shirts so our volunteers are easily identifiable by ninjas and parents. The T-shirts display the logo of their new cloud-based solution SISCIN’s, which was launched recently. Celebrating Code Week Students from Waterford Institute of Technology visited CoderDojo Tramore for  Europe Code Week, a grassroots initiative to bring coding and digital literacy to… Read More

Awesome Community Highlights 2016

22 December 2016 · by Ross O'Neill

2016 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. Yes, a year that can be considered by many to be of questionable, turbulent and ever increasingly controversial times in areas such as politics, economics, and global affairs. However, in our world of CoderDojo, a world filled with champions, mentors, volunteers, ninjas, tech evangelists, partners, speakers, supporters and all the other downright amazingly ‘cool’ people within the movement, we have seen a year of growth, a year of scaling, a year of, let’s just say it…sublime ‘awesomeness’ within our community.  … Read More

Check out the Prizes for the Future Makers Awards!

2 December 2016 · by Nuala McHale

After 7 weeks of hard work, youngsters that used their coding superpowers to bring about positive change in their communities will submit their projects and the Future Makers Awards jury will have the hard task of selecting the best ones. In each category (10 – 13 years old) and (14 – 17 years old) there will be a winner and a runner-up. The deadline is December 8th. To celebrate the innovative winning solutions, Liberty Global are preparing fun prizes for all the young change makers! WINNERS The winners in the 2… Read More

CoderDojo Foundation 2016 Q3 Report

28 November 2016 · by Nuala McHale

This is our third quarterly report for 2016! A big thank you to all of our volunteers, donors and partners for all your support as we launched our new website and UI of the Community Platform, as well as releasing a significant amount of new content and our first E-learning modules! class=”fitvids-responsive-iframe” Download our Q3 as a PDF here. Read More

CoderDojo Youths: Luka’s Experience and Memorable Projects

10 October 2016 · by Nuala McHale

Luka, a 15 year old Dojo attendee from Cork, has been part of CoderDojo for the last 5 years. Here he tells us about joining CoderDojo, his favourite projects and advice for other coders starting out: 5 Years Earlier Back in 2011, my dad was off visiting his parents in England, and my mother was looking after me and my two brothers. One day she came upstairs and told us she heard out about this place called CoderDojo at NSC, and asked if we were interested. My brothers said yes. So, we printed out a map (Yes, we printed one… Read More

Interview: Nano Book Author, Clyde Hatter

28 July 2016 · by Nuala McHale

CoderDojo’s first book: Create with Code-Build your own website is officially on sale from today. We talked to Author Clyde Hatter about how he got involved with CoderDojo and his experiences writing this book. How did you first get involved with CoderDojo? In late 2012 I volunteered as a mentor in Bray so that my own children could get in. The “if-you-mentor-your-kids-get-a-place” deal was a cunning plan employed by CoderDojo Bray to boost the number of mentors. It worked! (Oh, and I also thought that CoderDojo was a great idea…) Where did the idea for this book come… Read More