Dojo Heros: What Tramore Dojo have achieved since September

16 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Karen, Champion of Tramore Dojo, (located in Waterford, Ireland) tells us the highlights of all they have achieved since last September thanks to their hard work and dedication. Looking the Part September began with Waterford Technologies sponsoring CoderDojo Tramore’s new T-shirts so our volunteers are easily identifiable by ninjas and parents. The T-shirts display the logo of their new cloud-based solution SISCIN’s, which was launched recently. Celebrating Code Week Students from Waterford Institute of Technology visited CoderDojo Tramore for  Europe Code Week, a grassroots initiative to bring coding and digital literacy to… Read More

Win free and discounted tickets to Minevention!

11 January 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The CoderDojo Foundation and the OSi team will be at Minevention in the RDS on the 18th & 19th of Febuary showcasing the awesome OSi Minecraft maps of real life places in Ireland for you to interact with! Check them out here! What is Minevention? Minevention is the unofficial Minecraft conference where you will see all things Minecraft! YouTubers confirmed for Minevention so far: BigBStatz, CaffCast, ChooChoosGaming, FalseSymmetry, InTheLittlewood, NettyPlays, SnakeDoctor, SolidarityGaming, Sqaishey, Tomohawk and TycerX.   How can CoderDojo members Win or get Discounted Tickets? The lovely folks over at Minevention are offering… Read More

A year in the life of a Dojo—Reviewing your Dojo

3 January 2017 · by Philip Harney

Collecting feedback After your Dojo has been running for a while everyone involved will have an opinion on how to make it better. This is an open movement, so collect them and use them! Ask for feedback, listen to everyone involved and think about how you can make things better. Those of us at the Foundation like to hear from the community too! You can always get in touch with us via the forums, social media (eg. Facebook, Twitter) or email (you will find all the links in the footer), but our biggest source of feedback and the source of… Read More

Enabling Dojo’s in 2016 and beyond

28 December 2016 · by Rachel Schoene

Rachel here, wow what a year it has been! As some of you know I joined the CoderDojo Foundation at the end of May this year. Although, my involvement with the movement began over 2 years ago when I decided to help out at the local Dojo my daughter attends. To say I truly feel like a member of the CoderDojo family at this point is an understatement, coming in here to work everyday feels like walking into my own sitting room 🙂   I still help out at our local Dojo on Wednesday nights,… Read More

The CoderDojo Movement; 2016 in Review

19 December 2016 · by Giustina Mizzoni

As 2016 comes to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally extend a huge thank you from everyone at the CoderDojo Foundation to you, our growing and ever global CoderDojo community of Champions, volunteers, parents, ninjas, partners and supporters.   2016 was an undeniably huge year for CoderDojo, from hitting huge growth milestones, to changes internally in the Foundation team and strides made across our areas of focus. When I joined the Foundation less than four years ago there was 93 verified Dojos, and we will close the… Read More

Inspiring Conservation with Tech: DaysE Visits KilKenny Dojo

6 December 2016 · by Nuala McHale

On Saturday, 19th November Colm Byrne director of the charity daysE paid a visit to Kilkenny CoderDojo to engage the ninjas in a workshop and discussing the important role of technology in the conservation of energy. The workshop activities included discussions on: Energy efficiency and how some home appliances use a lot more energy than others, How energy is created and the effect on the environment, How by making small changes in behavior, we can reduce energy waste. How measured energy consumption reductions can be used to fund energy projects that can improve the lives… Read More