How to Create & Promote your First Dojo of 2017!

As part of our #BackToDojo series we  show you how to create and promote your first Dojo event of 2017!

First create your ticketed event on the community platform. Dojo Champions and those with Dojo Admin rights can create events (and recurring events). See how below!

output_e4hwauWhat next?

Once you have published your event, you can share it on your social media accounts, as shown in the gif. Be sure you have your social media accounts linked in your Dojo profile, so people who search for and find your Dojo via the map can follow any updates!

You can also embed the event on your Dojo website or blog! Check out what an embed of a Dojo event looks like at the end of this post.


Publicise your Dojo & recruit mentors

output_xrk2ieSee our flyers available here! You can also create your own social media banners for free using canva. Check out the gif below to see how you can upload images and combine them with text and other elements to create awesome images to recruit mentors in your area. This handy video can explain to them How to be a Mentor’ and once they have registered on the community platform they can avail of our E-learning modules which go into more detail.


Making it easier for Parents

You can make it easier for parents to book tickets for your Dojo by sharing this informative video when promoting your event. There are also pdf instructions available in English, Spanish and Greek. Feel free to print them out to help parents learn how to book tickets for your next Dojo.

12As mentors and youths book in you will be able to assess how big your Dojo will be and the amount of resources or additional volunteers you might need. Dojo Admin can also check in Ninjas as they arrive at the Dojo. By checking them in they will automatically be awarded attendance badges!


How to Check In Attendees


Below is the an embed of a real Dojo event. You can add more details including links to any content that might be covered at your Dojo.

See more #BackToDojo content, ask questions or give feedback here.


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