The CoderDojo Growth Partner Programme

Are you an organisation looking create opportunities for young people in your community to learn how to code and create with technology? Do you want to join a global network of organisations working to grow the CoderDojo movement? If so, we want to work with you!

How can I get involved?

Apply to join our Growth Partner Network by filling out this short form. We will reach out to you in response to discuss next steps.

What is a CoderDojo Growth Partner?

The CoderDojo Foundation is excited to work with a diverse network of organisations around the world, dedicated to helping us grow our movement of free coding clubs for young people. From multinational organisations like Accenture, to regional non-profits around the world, our Growth Partner network is dedicated to creating a world where every young person has the opportunity to learn how to code in a safe and social environment.

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STEMUp Education Foundation


Why become a CoderDojo Growth Partner?

  • To increase the reach and impact of your organisation using our proven model.
  • To build relationships and gain support from a global network of CoderDojo Champions and Growth Partners.
  • To access our free, high-quality content, training and materials that will help you to set up a Dojo in your community.
  • A dedicated point of contact at the CoderDojo Foundation, who will support you in starting, supporting, and scaling your community of Dojos.
  • This point of contact will be available for regular 1-1 or group calls, training, and support, as needed.

What does CoderDojo look for in a Growth Partner?

  • An organisation with a mission and values aligned to our own.
  • A passion for teaching young people to code and create with technology.
  • An existing network of volunteers and venues (eg offices, libraries, schools, or community centres) to run Dojos.
  • A dedicated point of contact to lead your end of the partnership, and a commitment to the partnership from your organization’s senior managers.
  • A commitment to start a jointly-agreed upon target number of Dojos in your community. Usually this is 10+ Dojos.