Future Makers Social Innovation Bento Box

About this Bento Box

This Bento Box will guide you through choosing a problem you want to help with, designing a solution and learning the technical skills to create and share that solution. Once you’ve finished we hope you’ll build your solution and share it with the world. Trying to create positive change in the world is a big job and we think it will take you a few months to complete the material here and build your project. Good luck!


Design is an important part of creating anything for other people to use. It’s how you make sure that they can understand what they’re meant to do with your creation and how it can help them.


You should use these projects to learn the coding language best suited to building your design. To understand what each language can do for you, watch the video above. Once you’ve learned your language of choice, build your solution!

App Inventor

Follow these projects to learn how to apps for Android phones and tablets with App Inventor.


Follow these projects to learn how to build a website using HTML and CSS.


Follow these projects to learn how to build a game in Scratch.


Test your solution to see how well it solves the problem you set out to solve.


Once you’ve built and tested your solution you should share it with the world by creating a website you can promote it on. If you haven’t already completed them, you can learn how to buld a website with HTML and CSS from the projects below.