CoderDojo Foundation

The CoderDojo Foundation was established in 2013 by CoderDojo co-founder James Whelton. Due to CoderDojo’s rapid growth, we need a structured entity to support us and help us scale, which is where the Foundation comes in. CoderDojo and the Foundation share the same vision: every child worldwide should have the opportunity to learn code and to be creative with technology in a safe & social environment.

In 2017, the CoderDojo Foundation joined forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to further accelerate our mission and vision globally.

What we do

We support Dojos around the world; sustain and support CoderDojo’s growth; and source new champions, mentors, and partners. We also facilitate communication and collaboration across the movement and ensure that all community members have the tools & content needed to start and run Dojos. Finally, we help to develop a consistent, rich, fun and cool learning environment at Dojos.


We create resources, like best practice guides and educational materials, and build tools to aid our community in collaboration and communication.


We support the awesome CoderDojo community by handling support requests, verifying Dojos to appear on our site for prospective attendees and mentors to find, and facilitating knowledge sharing and discussion.


We negotiate and manage international partnerships to benefit the CoderDojo community and spread the CoderDojo brand and philosophy of open, free and child-centric learning around the world.


We build awareness of CoderDojo and the benefits of learning code by representing the movement at major national and international events. We also facilitate two annual CoderDojo events: DojoCon and Coolest Projects.


Meet the Team

Giustina Mizzoni
Executive Director
Ross O'Neill
Community Lead
Rosa Langhammer
General Manager, Outreach & Engagement
Philip Harney
Content Lead
Daniel Brierton
Senior Software Engineer
Nuala McHale
Rachel Schoene
Amy O'Meara
Community Support and Experience
Conor Murphy
Product Manager
Sarah Quinn
Partnerships Manager
Daragh Broderick
Content Assistant
Nicola Lyons
Community Manager
Sonja Bienert
Senior Community Manager