Event selection policy and methods

This Document details the policy and selection methods by which the CoderDojo Foundation select the Community members to take part in Foundation organised events and receive travel bursaries, where applicable, for such community events.

Overview of Events

  • All CoderDojo Foundation organised events are open to all community members in verified CoderDojos. Certain events will be open to Dojos specific regions or geographies.
  • As certain events will be open to specific regions or geographies. Events will state the country or region of which Dojos should be to be eligible to apply.
  • All CoderDojo Foundation organised events aim to have a positive and valuable impact for all participants from the CoderDojo community both young and old.
  • CoderDojo youth members will always need to be supervised or accompanied by a Guardian / Parent for the event.
  • CoderDojo Youth members have to be between 5 ­ 18 years old to be eligible to take part in an event.
  • CoderDojo Mentors (Adult) and Champions (Adult) are expected to get involved and help out at any event they attend, this should always include supervision of youth from their Dojo where applicable.
  • The preferred ratio of youth attendees to adult supervisors / guardians is 3 youth per 1 adult supervisor / guardian, the minimum is a 2:1 ratio. This ratio is important as many event organisers can only provide a limited amount of passes for CoderDojo attendees and we want as many CoderDojo youth to participate as possible.

Application Requirements

  • All applications have to be filled out by an adult or with the direct supervision of an adult. If a CoderDojo Mentor or Champion is required to fill out the application this information will be stated on the form.
  • All communications and announcements relating to a CoderDojo Foundation run event and application will be public and visible to the whole community via the CoderDojo Blog, regardless if it is region specific.
  • All applicants must apply via the correct forms, filling out all details requested correctly and as accurately as possible. Any changes can be requested to: [email protected]
  • All deadlines for submissions will be closed at 12 midnight (GMT) on the deadline date of submission, unless otherwise specified.
  • The CoderDojo Foundation reserves the right to refuse incorrect applications.
  • The CoderDojo Foundation reserves the right to refuse applications from inactive or unverified Dojos.
  • The CoderDojo Foundation reserves the right to contact specific members for an event if requested to do so by the main event organisers.
  • The CoderDojo Foundation will clearly communicate the event details via the CoderDojo blog and then via all other channels (mailouts, social media, community forums) where applicable (depending on region specific events).
  • The CoderDojo Foundation reserves the right to contact, without bias, CoderDojo community committee members and community leads* directly about sharing information about the event to their regional and local networks. These communications will ask them to share the information with their network and NOT specifically ask them to register personally for the event.
  • The CoderDojo Foundation reserves the right to close application forms early if the demand for the event is unusually high. If this occurs notifications will be posted on all communications relating to the application.
  • Selection Process & Criteria
  • All applicants will be chosen fairly without discrimination based on the specific criteria of the event application. Exclusion is uncool!
  • After all incorrect or untimely applications have been ruled out the CoderDojo Foundation will make a selection based on a number of factors including;
    • Geographical Spread; this means we want to ensure that there is a wide representation from many Dojos spread across different areas or countries. Geographical spread will be in proportion to the number of Dojos in a area.
    • Community engagement and involvement; Dojos who have active Champions that regularly participate in community calls, forums or on the community committee will be given preference. This is to encourage and recognise active engagement and involvement in the global community.
    • New Dojos or those that have not participated before: We want to ensure that as many Dojos as possible get to experience unique events, we may give preference to Dojos that have not been selected in the past.
    • Gender & Diversity; ensuring an equal and diverse participation of CoderDojo boys & girls from different backgrounds and cultures will be considered.
  • Any other selection criteria will be stipulated in the specific event criteria i.e children with a specific skillset etc, only if required by the main event organisers.

Travel Bursary

This is available for certain events when their is a budget available to cover the cost of travel for attendees. This varies from event to event. and is not available for all events and if travel bursary is available it will be stated in the initial announcement.

  • Travel Bursaries are determined based on the amount of sponsorship that has been secured for an event. In this regard, travel bursaries are not available for all events. If a bursary is available it will be stated in the initial announcement.
  • Travel Bursaries will only be reimbursed once proof of travel has been sent to the CoderDojo Foundation along with a pdf expense request or invoice for an amount up to the maximum bursary amount.

All CoderDojo Foundation organised events are in support / participating as part of larger main events and as a result there can be some restrictions on certain criteria, regulations and requirements set by the main event organisers. These criteria, regulations and requirements will always be clearly communicated once known. Please keep in mind that the CoderDojo Foundation will always try and include as many participants as possible for all events based on the certain criteria, regulations and requirements set by the overall event organisers.

Please note that the CoderDojo Coolest Projects and DojoCon events are events lead and organised by CoderDojo Community members and the CoderDojo Foundation is involved in these events in a support capacity.

The CoderDojo Foundation is always open to suggestions and feedback, maybe you have an idea or comment about the processes involved in applying or you have some feedback from attending a CoderDojo Foundation organised event. Please feel free to contact the Foundation directly on: [email protected]

* Community Leads: Refers to community members within a region that are highly engaged within a specific region. Typically they are highly connected in a region with the connections to further spread the word to Dojos in the region.