CoderDojo participants can receive badges as a recognition of their developing skills or their participation in the CoderDojo community. Examples include badges for JavaScript programming, for attending ten Dojos, or for being a Mentor.

Badges are awarded by Dojo Champions, for most things, or by the CoderDojo Foundation in the case of events like Coolest Projects.


HTML and CSS Sushi Beginner Badge HTML and CSS Sushi Beginner
HTML and CSS Sushi Intermediate Bage HTML and CSS Sushi Intermediate
HTML and CSS Sushi Advanced Badge HTML and CSS Sushi Advanced
JavaScript Sushi Beginner Badge JavaScript Sushi Beginner
JavaScript Sushi Intermediate Badge JavaScript Sushi Intermediate
JavaScript Sushi Advanced Badge JavaScript Sushi Advanced


Champion Badge Champion Badge
Mentor Badge Mentor Badge


My First Dojo Badge My 1st Dojo
My Fifth Dojo Badge My 5th Dojo
My Tenth Dojo Badge My 10th Dojo
My Twenty Fifth Dojo Badge My 25th Dojo
Coolest Projects 2016 Badge Coolest Projects 2016
Kilkenny Scratch Competition Badge Kilkenny Scratch Competition

How to claim reward

Claiming a badge is easy: once a Dojo Champion has awarded you a badge, you will receive an email. Click on the link in the email to claim your badge!