CoderDojo Event Resources


We have a wide range of resources to help you spread the word about CoderDojo at an event. You may find these useful if you’re hosting a MegaDojo or DojoCon in your community, or occupying a stand at a local event.

CoderDojo Events Pack

Whether you are hosting your own event, or taking part in an existing event, you may be eligible to apply for an Events Pack. This pack contains a t-shirt, stickers, lanyards, and badges! To apply for an Events Pack, please fill out the form below and include as much information as possible! Please ensure you apply a minimum of six weeks before the event you are hosting/attending. Applications received less than six weeks before an event may be rejected if we are unable to get the contents to you in time.

Apply for a CoderDojo Events Pack!


Resources to help with planning and promotions

Help spread the word about your event on social media with our promotional images. There is also a range of banners, postcards, and cover art to help you prepare for your event. Make sure you tag @CoderDojo when promoting your event and use the hashtag #CoderDojo so that we can help you to spread the word!

Promotional images

If you will be using photography / videography at your event, you can use our template photo consent form. It is especially important to seek parents’ permission before taking photos / videos of young people.

Template photo consent form

If you are planning on giving a talk or presentation about CoderDojo, you can use our template presentation deck. You can download the template and edit it to suit the purpose of your presentation.

Template presentation deck

Setting up a CoderDojo stand at an event

We have a range of flyers that can be printed and distributed at an event. Our most popular flyers are now available in Español, Français, Italiano, and Polski! These flyers can be printed, or sent out digitally, and will help you spread the word about CoderDojo in your community.


The CoderDojo branding is free to use and adapt under the Creative Commons License. You can access our logo, colours, and mascots in our style guide. These assets can be used to design pop-ups, banners, flyers, stickers, and other items for your stand.


It can be nice to demo a project at your stand, to give people an idea of what goes on at a typical Dojo! You might like to set up a project that showcases physical computing, e.g. a Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, or Makey Makey project, or simply something on your browser. More project ideas can be found on the projects webpage:


Good luck with your event!