What We Do

Zen: The new CoderDojo Community Platform!

15 July 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

This September Zen is being relaunched as the new Community Platform for CoderDojo! There will be many new ways to interact online with your Dojo and engage with other volunteers in the CoderDojo Community via the new Community Platform!   Forums We’ll be hosting CoderDojo forums running on NodeBB (https://nodebb.org/). In these forums there will be specific forums for different topics as well as regional topics, events, challenges or opportunities. There will be a youth specific forum for CoderDojo Ninjas to communicate with one another, learn from peers and collaborate. These forums will be moderated by the CoderDojo Foundation… Read More

2014 A year in review

15 July 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

We are committed to being open and transparent with our community of stakeholders, releasing regular reports on our work is one method through which we work towards this! We have put together this annual report so that all of our stakeholders can get a full view of what changes have been made in the past year within the organisation as well as acknowledging the CoderDojo Foundation’s achievements in the 2014 calendar year. If you have any questions or queries about the 2014 Annual Report please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] [pdf-embedder url=”https://wp-static.coderdojo.com/uploads/2015/07/CoderDojo-Annual-Report-2014-FINAL.pdf”]… Read More

July Community Call Details

14 July 2015 · by Laura Ivers

We have three CoderDojo Community Calls lined up this month for community members from around the world to meet online and discuss topics around their CoderDojo experiences. These calls are a great opportunity for CoderDojo community members from across the globe to share tips and tricks for improving their Dojo and getting advice to deal with any issues they might be having. We use the Join.me platform for our global community calls. Using this you can join the call via your computar or smartphone or through diallling a local landline number. Please see below for the access… Read More

Young Coders Showcase Their Coolest Projects at the RDS

18 June 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

Young Coders Showcase Their Coolest Projects at the RDS On Saturday, the 13th June, there were over 500 projects and 5,000 visitors making this years Coolest Projects Awards one of the largest events of its kind in Europe! Hundreds of young coders gathered in Dublin’s RDS on Saturday to demonstrate apps, websites, games and even robots they made for this year’s CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards 2015. On the day CoderDojo Ninjas from Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Romania, Italy and Spain traveled to the event with the projects that they created with the knowledge learnt… Read More

Kata, CoderDojo’s OpenSource Knowledge Database Redesigned!

18 June 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

We are delighted to announce that Kata has had a redesign and is currently undergoing content updates! (see new Dojo Sushi content) Kata has had a lovely makeover with the support of a volunteer team from IBM Ireland who developed a new colourful and creative skin for MediaWiki! For the summer now the CoderDojo Foundation team will be working to audit and review all content on Kata and ensure that the Kata experience is accessible, user friendly and of a high standard. We will be following the recommendations of SAP who came to work with us as… Read More

Brand New Content: Dojo Beginner HTML Sushi Cards!

18 June 2015 · by Pete O'Shea

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new CoderDojo Sushi cards! CoderDojo Sushi cards are simple: One concept, one card. Individual concept cards fit into a series of Sushi cards that will introduce young people to programming languages. Originally created by Clyde Hatter, a mentor in CoderDojo Bray, Ireland. CoderDojo Sushi is now being expanded and developed further for the global CoderDojo Community! The original My First Website series has been redesigned and edited and now we’re relaunching it. This series is soon to followed by a beginners Javascript series which is in development with more to be… Read More