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Community Content Release: Spanish Resources!

10 October 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Hola! Today I bring you some resources all in Spanish! Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish myself so I am writing this in English ?   Python Write a program to request and analyse traffic information about the M30 route. Get started with programming Minecraft using the API. See many more example programs on GitHub   App Inventor Check out the very comprehensive guide to App Inventor for beginners.   The above resources are all from ?? CoderDojo España ??. Check out the Kata Español page for more!   Would you like to contribute?… Read More

Developing your Dojo: through depth

15 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

The theme for this week of Back to Dojo, and next, is “Developing your Dojo”. On that basis, I thought I’d do a pair of blog posts that cover the two approaches to using educational content to do so: Going broad, or going deep. Going broad, by covering new and different languages and topics will be the subject of next week’s blog. Going deep is what I’ll be talking about today. What do I mean by “depth”? I mean digging deeper into languages, tools etc. that you’ve already covered at an introductory level. Learning more advanced features and a more… Read More

Community Content Release: Getting Creative

11 September 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Looking for something different to try at your Dojo? Look no further! From storytelling to making music with code, you can really get the creative juices flowing with these resources by our wonderful volunteers.   Storytelling with Twine Twine is a program that you can use to write interactive stories where the reader chooses what happens! It’s great for all levels and ages: you can create a simple story without writing any code, but you can also use CSS and JavaScript to extend your stories and design how they look. Twine is open source and free to use. Read More

Mentor Story: Maggie on understanding what kids want

6 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

CoderDojo Mentor Maggie shares her experiences on the importance of mentorship, challenging stereotypes and understanding what kids want in order to encourage girls in Dojos and to get involved in technology related fields. This post is part of our CoderDojo Girls Initiative. My name is Maggie and I’ve been a CoderDojo mentor for a year within the Kilkenny Dojo. I moved back to Ireland in 2016 after living in Canada for almost 9 years. I work as a technical product manager for Expedia, and have been there for over 7 years. In Vancouver I was involved… Read More

Join the CoderDojo Open Community Call on August 8th

25 July 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The fourth Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation, will be held on August 8th at 17:30pm (Dublin/London), which is 18:30 CET. On this open call we will be focusing on the Community Platform and our recent merger with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Guillaume, one of our software engineers and Rosa our reporting lead will be available on the call to discuss the latest updates to the Platform (Zen), receive feedback from those on the call and open up the floor to particular topics pertaining to the CoderDojo Platform and what it offers. Community members can discuss and ask… Read More

Ben’s experience as a Software Engineering Intern at the Foundation

21 July 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Ben Skerritt has been working as a Software Engineering Intern with the CoderDojo Foundation for the last 6 months as part of his degree. Here Ben, a third year Student at the National College of Ireland tells us how he’s found the experience. As part of my Computer Science degree in NCI, a requirement was to undertake a 6 month intern-ship in a technology related organisation to gain real world experience as part of the degree to advance my prospects of gaining employment. Many companies advertise for internees with the college and I had two unsuccessful interviews before CoderDojo so… Read More