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Podio Sponsorship for Hello World Foundation

24 May 2013 · by Eugene McDonough

 We are delighted to hear that  Podio have decided to sponsors us with use of there great CRM System. With the power of Podio, our simple CRM tool our team can effectively work together from anywhere, to escape email overload, alleviate document chaos and much more. Get structured with Podio's easily modified workspaces and apps, so you and your team can work the way you want to. Read More

Hello World Foundation at #DojoCon2013

23 April 2013 · by James Whelton

DojoCon was a milestone event for CoderDojo as a global organization, showcasing how much talent and hard work has been involved in it's growth. We were joined by attendees and speakers from all across Ireland, America, Belgium, Slovenia and even Gibraltar. Read More

CoderDojo Girls @ DojoCon2013

18 April 2013 · by Karen OConnell

One of the major themes of DojoCon2013 was girls and women in technology and the conference organisers deliberately had a 50/50 speaker ratio to reflect this. Needless to say, this is virtually unheard of within technology education and industry. Una Fox was a wonderful MC for the day and the highlight of the day was Kimberley Bryant who founded Black Girls Code. Her capstone speech was inspiring, passionate, moving and electrified the audience. In the stream related to Running a Dojo, I was thrilled to be asked to speak alongside Rebecca Garcia about the CoderDojo Girls… Read More

SiliconRepublic reports from DojoCon 2013

17 April 2013 · by Denise

John and Ronan from Silicon Republic came to DojoCon 2013 armed with a microphone and video camera..and a passion for CoderDojo. This is their video and it rocks…  … Read More

Coderdojo Awesome News 20th August 2012

21 August 2012 · by CoderDojo

This newsletter was supposed to go out yesterday, but there is such a huge amount of news it is difficult to keep up. So the sooner we get some down on paper or email the better. So I will start at the beginning and progress in date order. As always this news is distributed to mentors who have expressed an interest so please forward this to any parent mailing lists which you have on file, or copy and paste the relevant information Science Gallery Meet The biggest news of this week was the fantastic workshop organised by Dublin CoderDojos, and… Read More