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DojoCon 2018 in the medieval city of Kilkenny

7 November 2018 · by CoderDojo

The medieval city of Kilkenny in southeast Ireland was the location of a decidedly future-oriented event on the weekend of 20 October: DojoCon 2018 took place in Kilkenny’s Newpark Hotel. Organised by CoderDojo Kilkenny, this year’s international volunteer conference spread across two floors of the hotel, and more than 400 enthusiastic champions, mentors, and other people involved in the CoderDojo movement travelled from 12 countries; Serbia, Italy, UK, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Nigeria to share with and learn from each other. Local and international sponsorship Nuala McHale, Communications Manager… Read More

Celebrating Libraries at EUDojo 2018

19 October 2018 · by Nuala McHale

On Wednesday 17 October, CoderDojo held our sixth annual EUDojo in the European Parliament in Brussels. Since last year’s event, CoderDojo has grown significantly, with almost 500 new Dojos. It is incredible that this Irish-founded initiative has turned into a global phenomenon, with clubs in over 100 countries worldwide. EUDojo coincides with the sixth year of Europe Code Week, and the event was co-hosted by MEP Sean Kelly and the EPP party. It was attended by MEPs from over 10 countries. Volunteers, champions and parents from across nine European countries were invited… Read More

Supporting DojoCons in the future

16 October 2018 · by Helen

DojoCons are community-led conferences specifically tailored to volunteers, where they share with and learn from each other. Dojocon attendees are champions, mentors, and anyone else who is involved or interested in getting involved in the CoderDojo movement. These conferences feature keynote speeches, seminars led by professionals from the educational and digital technology sectors, and workshops hosted by Dojo volunteers. As the CoderDojo movement evolves, we’re expanding our support to help you run DojoCons for your local Dojo volunteer communities across the globe. To make your Dojo sustainable, forming connections within your local community is key. And… Read More

Utilising Targeted Invites To Attract and Retain Girls in Dojos!

11 October 2018 · by Rachel Schoene

At CoderDojo we think it’s paramount that all of us together make a conscious, consistent, and collaborative effort to increase the number of girls who learn how to create with technology. To give you practical advice about this for your clubs, we’ve been gathering data over the past few months, and today we’ll tell you about one simple and really effective way to get more girls engaged at your Dojo. A bit of background on the data In 2017, we released a guide called Empowering the Future, a comprehensive booklet… Read More

Coolest Projects: How Kavi created her smart lifestyle app, Chew IQ!

29 March 2018 · by Amy O'Meara

As Coolest Projects International 2018 fast approaches, we are continuing to share inspiring stories from participants of last year’s event. This week, Kavi tells us about her awesome project and recalls her Coolest Projects journey. Kavi is a member of Tiburon CoderDojo @ BelTib Library in California, and she was 15 years old at the time of Coolest Projects 2017.      Inspiring healthier lifestyles Kavi’s project, Chew IQ, is an innovative mobile app which helps kids to make healthy food choices. She was inspired to create this useful… Read More

Coolest Projects: Tayra’s awesome game to encourage healthy eating

26 March 2018 · by Amy O'Meara

Over the past few weeks we have featured some amazing stories from participants of last year’s Coolest Projects event. This week, we have been lucky to hear from Tayra, a Ninja at the Weda Dojo in Bulgaria. Tayra was 8 years old when she took part in Coolest Projects ‘17 with her awesome project, ABCD Code, which is a Scratch game to help children learn about healthy eating and the benefits of fruit and vegetables.  Tayra’s engaging idea for teaching healthy eating Tayra had the idea for her project after… Read More