Make Games, Save the World! Get involved in the ‘This is not a game Ocean Challenge’!

15 July 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

  This Is NOT A Game, the Ocean Challenge: Make Games, Save the World  About  “This is Not A Game Ocean Challenge” is a call out to students to help spread the word about threats to our Ocean by learning code and making games.  This competition is being launched by Coder Dojo, the U.S. Embassy and educational partners such as Griffith College and is open to students in Ireland aged 10 to 18 years old. The goal is to help to use the popularity of games to raise awareness of issues like over… Read More

Dojos: Submit your coding knowledge to Kata!

23 June 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Calling all CoderDojo Community Members! As you may know, community members and the Foundation have been adding resources to build the CoderDojo knowledge base, Kata. We are always looking to add moreinformation to Kata so that the CoderDojo community can access all the resources that they need to help them organise and run their Dojos. If you have knowledge resources / content (for example, links to your Dojo’s blog or external resource links) that you would like to share with the community but don’t have the time to become an editor and add it to Kata, all you have to do is submit a link… Read More

Creating Mojo in our Dojo by Champion Erica Gorman of CoderDojo NSC, Cork

17 June 2014 · by Erica Gorman

When people walk into our Dojo for the first time they are often a bit surprised by what they see. A Dojo, after all, is a place of learning right? But to a newcomer it can seem as if our children are just hanging out having fun. The buzz of cheery chatter that fills the open plan office area has lead some first timers to wonder what time we “actually start” – unaware that what they are witnessing is our Dojo already in full swing. There are no adults trying to quieten the children down or tell them what… Read More

Codestarter partners with CoderDojo to provide laptops to kids who want to code

28 May 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Starting in June CoderDojo will be partnering with a new U.S. based nonprofit, Codestarter, to offer laptops to  youths from underserved areas who wish to join CoderDojo sessions. By focusing on underserved populations and offering hardware, Codestarter hopes to open the doors to programming education for young people who previously couldn’t take full advantage of  the opportunities available  for learning to code with CoderDojo. Codestarter is looking for four Dojos from the U.S. for their first pilot project. If your Dojo is selected as part of the pilot, the Dojo Champion will be responsible for… Read More

CoderDojo Mentor Guide

21 May 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

This is a guide for all Coding Mentors detailing how to inspire the next generation of young coders at CoderDojo!… Read More

Raspberry Pi’s for all UK Dojos :-)

20 December 2013 · by Eugene McDonough

The Raspberry Pi Foundation with Google UK have donated Raspberry Pi’s to the Hello World Foundation to distribute to all UK Dojos! As you can understand with the grassroots nature of our movement it had been challenging to deal with the logistics surrounding this partnership, from actually receiving the Pis to figuring out an appropriate distribution network to get them to Dojos! Read more>>… Read More