Two useful Dojo guides to keep yourself and your children safe online

28 August 2017 · by Nuala McHale

As a mum of two in the year 2017, I noticed my children hanging out a lot more online than they do outside. Although I try to combat this with playdates, days out or simple family walks the truth is my kids enjoy playing online as much as they enjoy the outdoors. The internet is a wonderful, educational tool. There is a wealth of information available help children with school projects. There are handy “how to” video tutorials to help them make “slime” from shaving foam and borax (which is very popular in our… Read More

Community Content Release: A-Maze-ing Scratch Tips

28 August 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Scratch continues to be one of the most popular choices for Ninjas to learn to code. This fine collection of resources will give you loads of Scratch skills to add to your tool belt, all thanks to the dedicated volunteers of CoderDojo.   Maze Game & Blocks Cheat Sheet Make a maze in Scratch and learn about the blocks that are useful for making games with this handy one-page guide by CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire! It shows you what blocks you’ll need for what bits of any game.     Coding Logic Warren Gill, a mentor at the Quarryvale… Read More

Community Content Release: Hardware

25 August 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

The quest for community created content continues. This time I’ve got some resources for the hardware enthusiasts out there!   Arduino LED Sushi Become the LED Master with this set of challenges created by Liam Friel of CoderDojo Bray! You’ll have fun playing with LEDs as you learn how to control them with code on your Arduino. The challenges start off small with Arduino’s built-in LED and progress to creating fancy light shows with your own LED circuits on a breadboard.   Python with Micro:bit David Briddock created these Sushi style handouts  for the Wilmslow CoderDojo. It introduces you to… Read More

Launching the ‘Safeguarding young people in CoderDojo’ e-learning module

24 August 2017 · by Helen

In 2016 we launched our first two e-learning modules, CoderDojo Ethos and Mentoring at CoderDojo, which have had a hugely positive reaction in the community. In November 2017, we will be revisiting these two modules with new updates based on your feedback so far. Today we are launching the beta version of our new e-learning module, ‘Safeguarding young people in CoderDojo’. This module is for all volunteers in CoderDojo to help further their skills and upgrade their knowledge on safeguarding in a Dojo. In this module we give you an understanding of the key areas in child safeguarding and most… Read More

Community Content Release: “Express” Yourself with Python!

22 August 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

I bring you more content from the wonderful community of volunteers out there!   Regular Expressions This interactive online tutorial was created by Nicco Kunzmann of CoderDojo Potsdam to teach you how to use Regular Expressions, a powerful tool for searching through text. A common example is verifying that input is in the correct format. They are not specific to any particular programming language, rather you use them within a programming language to search for patterns that you define. And it’s available in English, German and Swedish!   Introduction to Python Ben Nuttall’s Intro to… Read More

Rockville CoderDojo runs a Raspberry Jam!

17 August 2017 · by Pete O'Shea

Youth ninja, Alexa, from Rockville CoderDojo recently ran a Raspberry Jam as an activity at her local Dojo. A Raspberry Jam is the pun-tastic name given to a meetup of people interested in making things with a Raspberry Pi computer! A Jam is a meeting of all kinds of people: some will be new to physical computing, and some will have plenty of experience that they are happy to share and this is why it is a perfect addition to a Dojo session! Below Alexa tells us more about her Raspberry Jam session. Something I enjoy about CoderDojo… Read More