Developing your Dojo through breadth

21 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

Last week I talked about using depth as a way of developing your Dojo. Giving Ninjas a chance to grow their skills in a particular topic—like Scratch, HTML or JavaScript—as a way to continue to develop as coders. The alternative, which I’ll look at this week, is breadth. I want to be clear, though, that I don’t think this is a situation of either one or the other. I think that particular Dojos, and Ninjas, will need to employ one or the other at different stages in their development. What do I mean by “breadth” in… Read More

Developing your Dojo: through depth

15 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

The theme for this week of Back to Dojo, and next, is “Developing your Dojo”. On that basis, I thought I’d do a pair of blog posts that cover the two approaches to using educational content to do so: Going broad, or going deep. Going broad, by covering new and different languages and topics will be the subject of next week’s blog. Going deep is what I’ll be talking about today. What do I mean by “depth”? I mean digging deeper into languages, tools etc. that you’ve already covered at an introductory level. Learning more advanced features and a more… Read More

Join our Open Community Call on September 20th!

11 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Our next Open Community Call will be on Wednesday 20 September at 11am UTC (which is 12 noon in the ROI/UK). The call will be facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. On this open call: Giustina, the Foundation’s Executive Director will discuss updates to the CoderDojo Charter and ask for the communities input our first guest Dave Honess from the Astro Pi project will explain how to get your ninjas code in space with Astro Pi. Philip / Ciara from the content team, will be sharing news on… Read More

Community Content Release: Getting Creative

11 September 2017 · by Ciara McHugh

Looking for something different to try at your Dojo? Look no further! From storytelling to making music with code, you can really get the creative juices flowing with these resources by our wonderful volunteers.   Storytelling with Twine Twine is a program that you can use to write interactive stories where the reader chooses what happens! It’s great for all levels and ages: you can create a simple story without writing any code, but you can also use CSS and JavaScript to extend your stories and design how they look. Twine is open source and free to use. Read More

Announcing the release of our second book “Make your Own Game”

5 September 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The first official CoderDojo book, CoderDojo Nano: Build Your Own Website, was a resounding success: it’s available in ten languages, including Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Slovakian and thousands of copies have been bought by aspiring CoderDojo Ninjas. Now we are delighted to announce the release of the second book in our Create with Code trilogy, titled CoderDojo Nano: Make Your Own Game. The paperback book will be available in English from Thursday 7 September (with English flexibound,… Read More

Are you ready for the next Content Hackathon?

1 September 2017 · by Philip Harney

A few months ago we ran our first Content Hackathon, focused on translating our materials from English into other languages. It was a 24 hour effort and involved CoderDojo Community members from all over the world. In general, it was a great success, with a few opportunities for us to learn and improve on it. You can read more about what we produced and what we learned in my earlier blog post on the subject. The next Content Hackathon will be taking place on Saturday the 2nd of December and will include the same translation goals as well… Read More