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DCU member’s coolest project rocks UK education

24 January 2014 · by noelking

An Intel, eSkills and CoderDojo collaborated GCSE short course has just been launched in the UK to teach algorithms. This course is a little different and hopefully a little cooler as CoderDojo DCU member Catrina Carrigan inspired it. Catrina joined CoderDojo DCU shortly after it was founded in July 2012 and after only a few months of programming HTML, CSS and little JavaScript, Catrina developed this really fun project for the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards ( that effectively enabled you to create your own rock group from the comfort of the internet. The idea was a music instrument… Read More

CoderDojo Kids Wow At Minecon 2013

21 November 2013 · by Rebecca

Fredericksburg, Virginia and Long Island, NY sent a contingency of young coders and their very supportive families to Orlando, Florida for the 2013 Minecon event where 7500 ravenous fans of the popular sandbox construction game Minecraft were gathering to celebrate. Tickets to this event sold out in record time, with first day allotment moving in just 3 seconds, and overall demand measured at over 100,000 people! That is incredible for a game and company that just officially celebrated its 3 year anniversary. So you can imagine the excitement of the kids from our dojos that were lucky enough to be… Read More