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How to plan your online session

19 November 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

During November and December, we will be sharing about different aspects of running online coding sessions, and hearing the experience of club leaders who are running their clubs online. In the past year, many volunteers have found themselves planning online club sessions for the first time. From choosing video conferencing tools, to managing mics on calls, it might have felt like a jump into the unknown! Nonetheless, these sessions have been a great way for young people to connect and continue learning while in-person sessions cannot take place.  In this blog, we share some… Read More

4 videos to help you teach coding online!

2 October 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been listening carefully to you — our incredible community — and delivering training webinars based on your needs.  In these webinars, we have been sharing how you can support young people while your Dojo is running online. However, the training can also be applied at in-person sessions. We hope that these videos will give you the confidence to continue learning with your Ninjas — whether you are running your sessions online, in person, or a mixture of the two!. Below are a selection of snippets from… Read More

The CoderDojo Boo Challenge is back!

1 October 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

CoderDojo volunteers and clubs all around the world have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. When considering whether, and how, to run a fun coding challenge for Ninjas this October, we wanted to make sure that we heard from the CoderDojo community. We reached out to a number of community members, and thanks to their feedback, the CoderDojo Boo Challenge is back! Ways to get involved Of course, things are very different this year, with many clubs running their sessions online, sending activities remotely, or paused for now. If you’re wondering whether the Ninjas… Read More

Three tips for planning your next CoderDojo session

11 September 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

While many Dojos have been on hold for the past few months, some clubs are now planning to resume their sessions — either in person, online, or by sending activities for their Ninjas to try at home. You can read about the three main options for resuming your sessions here. We want to make that journey as seamless as possible. We hope that you will find the following tips helpful! Promote your Dojo Many Dojos use social media to promote their club and to showcase the activities that they… Read More

Restarting your sessions? Here’s how the Owari Dojo became more resilient

4 September 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

Katz is the champion of the Owari Dojo Recently, my colleague Sonja and I caught up with Katz — the champion of the Owari Dojo in Japan. Katz shared with us his experience of running online sessions, the challenges his Dojo has faced, and his recent experience of returning to in-person sessions. Learning from others When Japan went into lockdown earlier this year, Katz looked at ways that his Dojo members could continue to connect, learn, and have fun. It was clear that online sessions were the safest and most effective way to… Read More

Three options for running your CoderDojo sessions

28 August 2020 · by Nuala McHale

This year, the global CoderDojo community has had to adapt to a host of new circumstances in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite many Dojos around the world having to pause their sessions earlier this year, a remarkable number of clubs found new and innovative ways to learn, connect, and have fun. You may be wondering how to restart your CoderDojo sessions, so we want to share three key options with you, and highlight some things to consider about each option. These three options are: in-person sessions, online sessions, and remote activities. In-person sessions… Read More