For Parents

#EPDojo @ Electric Picnic

8 September 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

CoderDojo recently held the first CoderDojo Pop up Dojo at a music festival giving kids and their parents the opportunity to get a taste of it’s like to attend a Dojo. There was a total of 16, 45 minute long sessions held over 3 days. During this time over 170 young people learned how to make their own video game in Scratch for the first time! We also used Makey Makey kits as controllers for the games that attendees built at the Dojo showing attendees the mechanical side of building cool projects. In addition to technology… Read More

Join us for #EUDojo @ The European Parliament on October 14th!

5 September 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

  To mark EU Code Week, we are running a special event in the EU Parliament which will be attended by MEPs and industry leaders. During this event CoderDojo Ninjas from all over Europe will be showcasing their skills to MEPs and mentoring them so they can write their own first line of code! This event would not have been made possible without the support of CoderDojo Foundation partners Liberty Global, and event sponsors Google, Salesforce Foundation and Samsung. Get involved We are looking for mentors and Champions from all over Europe to bring young people from their… Read More

Spreading the Code – Mary Moloney

4 September 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Mary was appointed the new global CEO of the CoderDojo Foundation – an organisation that teaches children to code – after its founder James Whelton stepped down this summer. For the previous 23 years, Mary was a Partner at Accenture, working in senior positions with clients across Ireland, UK, EMEA and international markets. She wasn’t looking to move and was already a prominent force in the technology and digital sectors. However she had already connected with CoderDojo both in a professional and personal basis – “We would have been co-presenting at events at The Summit, for example, and then… Read More

Tech jobs given parental approval!

3 September 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Mary Moloney, Global CEO of CoderDojo Foundation – a coding club that has partnered with Virgin Media to create a game that teaches parents and children new digital skills, believes that starting future generations young will greatly improve their career prospects in the long term. “To hear that parents rank tech jobs alongside things like Doctors and Lawyers simply would not have happened more than five years ago. Parents hear about young people like Nick D’Aloisio making millions from apps they’d built in their bedrooms and instantly see amazing potential for their kids’ futures…. Read the full article… Read More

Kenneth Whelan: “Why don’t you take Ethan to this CoderDojo thing?”

26 August 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

Many families affected by Autism may be considering possible suitable extra-curricular activities, as Schools re-open again and reality resumes. It can be difficult to find an enjoyable activity and support organisation and environment for young people on the Spectrum, which also provides a social outlet. Here, Kenneth Whelan shares the very positve experiences his family have had with “CoderDojo”, an activity appealing to many children and students on the Spectrum… Read the full article via As I am here. Read More

Meet the Maker- Kate O’Donovan

20 August 2014 · by Pete O'Shea

  Last July 26th saw Intel take part in the Dublin Maker event which took place in Trinity College Dublin. Intel showcased the newly released Galileo Gen 2. One of the makers was 16 year old Kate O’Donovan from Clonakilty County Cork. She is part of CoderDojo and developed a creation with Intel® Galileo. CoderDojo is for kids ages 7 – 17 which specialises in computing and computer technology. It is run on a voluntary basis in locations around Ireland. Corporate Affairs talked to Kate to find out more from this young imaginative female maker. Read the full article via CoderDojo West Corks blog… Read More