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Coolest Projects UK – Save the Date

18 January 2018 · by Nuala McHale

Coolest Projects is a world-leading showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs. This year, for the first time, we are bringing Coolest Projects to the UK for a spectacular regional event! With over 120 Dojos across the UK and growing, we want to give the thousands of Ninjas who regularly create with technology the opportunity to showcase what they’ve invented. This is the first time that a regional Coolest Projects has been managed by the CoderDojo Foundation. We are looking forward to organising and supporting more regional events around… Read More

How we’re building Zen in 2018

15 January 2018 · by Conor Murphy

Hey there.   It’s been 3 months since I joined CoderDojo and I guess it’s time to introduce myself properly. My name is Conor and I’m the new Product Manager here at the CoderDojo Foundation. First of all I want to say, in the few months I’ve been here I’ve been stunned at the huge ambition and enthusiasm of it all. We’re a community with a clear of focus of giving as many kids as possible the opportunity to build and learn about things they never thought possible. And I hope as the… Read More

Pete announced as Code Week Ambassador!

15 January 2018 · by Nuala McHale

We are delighted to share that CoderDojo Community Lead, Pete, has been named as a Europe Code Week Ambassador! Pete has been an active proponent of coding through his role supporting Dojos around the world, mentoring at Dojos, volunteering at MegaDojo’s and championing his own club. Speaking after he was announced as a Code Week ambassador Pete explained how: “CoderDojo is all about giving young people the opportunity to learn all about digital skills and technology! As part of this I have been promoting the importance of learning Digital Skills… Read More

Community Story: How a group of Parents started a Dojo in Beijing

12 January 2018 · by Amy O'Meara

We recently verified a new Dojo, Dongcheng, Beijing @ study-fun, which has been set up by a collective of parents in their local community in the Dongcheng district of Beijing. The Dojo is the initiative of a local parent collective, Code Mama and Code Papa, who came together in order to bring fun, creative coding opportunities to their children and to equip them with valuable skills for the future. Chris, Champion of Dongcheng Dojo Chris Zhang not only started the collective, she also Championed the Dojo! Chris realised the need… Read More

Coolest Projects International Travel Bursary 2018

10 January 2018 · by Nuala McHale

We’re accepting applications for those seeking to receive a bursary for travelling to Coolest Projects International 2018 from across Europe. The 2018 Coolest Projects showcase will be held on May 26 in the Simmonscourt complex in the RDS, Dublin. Our goal is to have over 100 projects from outside of Ireland showcased at the 2018 Coolest Projects Exhibition! The Bursary application has been extended until midnight GMT Febuary 7 2018 – to apply just enter your details on our form below. For top tips and guidelines for applying continue reading. The… Read More

Idea Generation and Design Resources for Coolest Projects!

9 January 2018 · by Nuala McHale

Coolest Projects International, a world leading showcase that empowers and inspires the next generation of digital creators, innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs, will be held on Saturday 26 May! This will be the fourth year the event will be held in the RDS and the first year where Coolest Projects will be held in the Simmonscourt complex there. Last year we saw over 700 CoderDojo youths aged 7–17, present projects from 16 countries around the world, with over 10,000 attendees on the day! This years event will be even bigger!… Read More