Events and competitions

The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Winners 2017!

19 June 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Well done to the hundreds of CoderDojo ninjas who participated in The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Showcase on Saturday! We know you all worked hard to develop your ideas and create your projects for the Awards. You were all great presenting your projects to both the judges and public alike, so well done! We hope you really enjoyed the day and went home inspired to start working on your next CoderDojo project idea! Remember ninjas can get their Coolest Projects Digital Badge for participating in this years showcase on their CoderDojo Profile page, by using the claim code: CP2017 here once you have created your… Read More

The Second Coolest Projects Belgium!

2 June 2017 · by Pete O'Shea

On Sunday May 7th CoderDojo Belgium organized the second edition of Coolest Projects. More than 50  girls and boys proudly presented their tech projects to a crowd of 1,200 visitors! In total, 45 creations could be admired. Coolest Project Belgium came together thanks to the incredible work of 35 outstanding volunteers. And the effort was more than rewarding. Our young tech makers eagerly took the opportunity to showcase their talent, in the process gaining confidence, learning from each other and, most importantly, inspiring their peers to create as well. Creative storylines and advanced games in Scratch were a huge… Read More

DojoCon 2018 Expression of Interest Form

30 May 2017 · by Ross O'Neill

DojoCon is is the annual global CoderDojo conference for the community of volunteers presents a fantastic opportunity to connect the generous and kind people who are a the core of the movement and to further develop how CoderDojo operates worldwide. At the DojoCon event, ideas are shared both from within the movement and from industry leaders through keynote talks and through workshops to develop new ways to inspire at CoderDojo. Bring DojoCon 2018 to your community of Dojos! By filling out our Google Form you are expressing your interest in hosting DojoCon 2018 the CoderDojo mentors conference.  Only CoderDojo… Read More

CoderDojo & Raspberry Pi bundelen krachten

26 May 2017 · by Helen

Met plezier mag ik met u delen dat de CoderDojo Foundation vanaf vandaag krachten zal bundelen met de Raspberry Pi Foundation. Dit zal nog meer jonge mensen de mogelijkheid geven te leren coderen en creëren. Deze fusie zal de stichting ondersteunen een nog sterkere,  in zijn geheel duurzamere en  een veerkrachtigere organisatie te worden. Vanaf ons ontstaan meer dan vier jaar geleden, is onze functie altijd het ondersteunen van de internationale CoderDojo beweging en gemeenschap geweest. Deze fusie zal deuren openen, er voor zorgen dat de CoderDojo gemeenschap, mentoren en ninjas de beschikking… Read More

CoderDojo and Raspberry Pi Join Forces

26 May 2017 · by Giustina Mizzoni

Today I am excited to share the news  that the CoderDojo Foundation will be joining forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation team in a merger that will give many more young people the opportunity to learn how to code and create. This merger will support the Foundation in becoming a stronger, more sustainable and resilient organisation advancing our mission. Since our creation more than four years ago, our core function has been to support the global CoderDojo movement and the community. This merger will further enable and accelerate our work, ensuring that the CoderDojo… Read More

CoderDojo e Raspberry Pi uniscono le forze

26 May 2017 · by Helen

  Oggi sono molto contento di informarvi che la fondazione CoderDojo unirà le forze con la squadra della fondazione Raspberry Pi in una fusione che darà a molti più giovani l’opportunità di imparare il coding e la creatività. Questa fusione sosterrà la fondazione nel suo obiettivo di diventare più forte, sostenibile e resistente, facendo avanzare la nostra missione. Dalla nostra creazione più di quattro anni fa, la nostra funzione fondamentale è sostenere il movimento globale di CoderDojo e la sua comunità. Questa fusione renderà più possibile e accelererà il nostro lavoro, garantendo che la comunità CoderDojo, i… Read More