What we learned visiting online sessions

11 June 2021 · by Nuala McHale

To support CoderDojos running online, we regularly conduct safeguarding visits to online sessions. This enables us to see how Dojos are running and provide any additional guidance to volunteers.  So far in 2021, we’ve visited online sessions hosted in Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, the UK and the USA. Below are the key things we learned about the ways Dojos are operating during this time. Scratch demonstration during an online Dojo. Image credit: Alessandra Bilardi, @abilardi (Twitter) Some initial stats Of the Dojos we… Read More

“Code is where everything comes together” Nikole shares her inspiring experience

8 March 2021 · by Vanessa Greene

Nikole Vaughn is the champion of CoderDojo Collaborative, a Dojo which has been running for several years in San Antonio, Texas. We previously wrote about how Nikole is inspiring the next generation of female coders. We caught up with her last month to hear how her Dojo has adapted over the last year. Nikole told us about how she is currently running the Dojo online, projects her Ninjas have worked on, challenges she has faced, and what she values most about being part of the CoderDojo community. Read on to find out what… Read More

Our team’s top highlights of 2020!

11 December 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

What a year it has been. Despite significant challenges caused by the pandemic, we have joined together as a community and have learnt to adapt, connect, grow, and share our experiences in brand new ways.  We are incredibly proud of everyone in our community for your positivity, resilience, and commitment to safety this year. Whatever stage you and your Dojo are at, we would like to thank you for your efforts — however big or small.  Looking back on the year Our poll in September revealed that 35% of Dojos are… Read More

How to deal with silences in an online session

3 December 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

In November and December, we will be sharing tips about different aspects of running online coding sessions, and hearing the experience of club leaders who are running their clubs online. Many of us will be familiar with the hustle and bustle of an in-person coding session: excited young people asking questions, volunteers moving about the room, sound effects from various projects — the list goes on!  Things may feel quite different in an online session. Participants will usually have their microphones muted and there will inevitably be periods of silence while they work on their… Read More

4 videos to help you teach coding online!

2 October 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been listening carefully to you — our incredible community — and delivering training webinars based on your needs.  In these webinars, we have been sharing how you can support young people while your Dojo is running online. However, the training can also be applied at in-person sessions. We hope that these videos will give you the confidence to continue learning with your Ninjas — whether you are running your sessions online, in person, or a mixture of the two!. Below are a selection of snippets from… Read More

The CoderDojo Boo Challenge is back!

1 October 2020 · by Amy O'Meara

CoderDojo volunteers and clubs all around the world have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. When considering whether, and how, to run a fun coding challenge for Ninjas this October, we wanted to make sure that we heard from the CoderDojo community. We reached out to a number of community members, and thanks to their feedback, the CoderDojo Boo Challenge is back! Ways to get involved Of course, things are very different this year, with many clubs running their sessions online, sending activities remotely, or paused for now. If you’re wondering whether the Ninjas… Read More