Coolest Projects Global 2022: Judges’ favourites from Dojos around the world

This year, thousands of creators from 46 countries participated in the Coolest Projects Global online showcase. Congratulations to everyone who took part! The judges’ favourite projects have now been revealed, and seven of those projects were created by young people from Dojos around the world. Check out their amazing projects below.

‘AllerG’ by Noah

The web project AllerG was created by Noah, who attends a Dojo in the United States. The project is an accessible and crowdsourced database of menu allergens. It also aims to help people with food allergies reduce the risk of having an allergic reaction.

‘Climate Change Detector’ by Arnav

The project Climate Change Detector was created by Arnav, who attends a Dojo in India. The project is a two-part solution for combating climate change. The first part is a website that allows the user to put in information to see how different factors affect climate change. It has a desktop application that can also allow the user to upload images to track pollution. 


‘Runaway Nose’ by Harshit

The game Runaway Nose was created by Harshit, who attends a Dojo in Ireland. The unique and fun game uses facial recognition and requires the player to act fast to score points. This also is a great way to get moving!

‘Our Planet Our Impact’ by Amaury

The web project Our Planet Our Impact was created by Amaury, who attends a Dojo in Belgium. The project makes it easy for the user to calculate their environmental footprint, with plastic bottle and water calculators. It’s a great way to become more conscious about how your everyday life contributes to climate change. 

‘Watey’ by Yuuka, Akari, Otowa, and Lila

The mobile app Watey was developed by Yuuka, Akari, Otowa, and Lila, who attend a Dojo in Japan. The project is a great tool to help families save water. It also makes tracking water usage easy and fun.

‘CubeSpeedee Timer’ by Tom

The hardware project CubeSpeedee Timer was created by Tom, who attends a Dojo in the United Kingdom. The project is a DIY timing device that involves two capacitive touch sensors that measure how long it takes to solve a puzzle cube. 

‘Fun Relaxing Project’ by Konstantin 

The Scratch project Fun Relaxing Project was created by Konstantin, who attends a Dojo in Bulgaria. The project aims to help people relax while watching different shapes and colours move across the screen. 

Congratulations again to everyone who took part in Coolest Projects Global 2022. It is so inspiring to see all the projects that young people from around the world have created and shared– and the celebrations aren’t over yet! All creators who have taken part this year can now log into their Coolest Projects accounts to:

  • Find personalised feedback on their project
  • Request their limited-edition Coolest Projects swag


Visit the Coolest Projects Global website


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