How Dojos in India got involved in global coding competitions in 2020!

Competitions around coding have become more and more popular in recent years, and the real-world impact of these competitions shows young people what they can achieve with coding and computing beyond the classroom. Participating in coding competitions is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding, and also helps young people see the power of collaboration.  

In this blog post, we are going to highlight some Dojos and Ninjas from India who have participated in competitions in 2020! 

Color the code: Holi challenge

In March this year, we launched the ‘Color the Code: Holi challenge’. We were so pleased to see that Dojos were interested in participating in the competition despite the pandemic. We want to give a shout-out to Chota Byte [email protected] Pune for encouraging their Ninjas to participate. Nidhi and Chetan also ensured that parents were fully involved in the process and supported the young people to ideate and implement their projects. 

The Holi challenge took place in March

Coolest Projects online

Soon after, we started our run-up to Coolest Projects 2020. This year, we ran the showcase online, and we were pleased that motivated community members from around the country participated. For example, Toshan from a Dojo in Bengaluru submitted a fantastic project on an automated hand sanitizer. We were delighted to see what young people had created with technology and celebrate their achievements.

CoderDojo Boo Challenge

We ran the CoderDojo Boo Challenge in October

In October, we launched the CoderDojo Boo Challenge. In recent years, Halloween has become a global celebration, and we were delighted to see projects from Dojos in India. During the last few days of the CoderDojo Boo Challenge, Ashish from Moradabad Dojo organized a live Scratch competition, and the theme was around Halloween and the CoderDojo Boo Challenge. The young people were excited to participate since this was a global challenge, and the challenge was so interesting! 

One of our community members recently shared with us, “The nature of such competitions is all about failing and trying again, solving problems, then optimizing it. There’s no easy route. It teaches our children to fight until the problem is solved, thus developing tenacity and determination.” We couldn’t agree more! 

Sharing your feedback

Competitions play an essential role in motivating young people to participate and gain experience. They also allow them to showcase their skills and talents while adopting innovative techniques and developing their ideas. We will be opening registrations for Coolest Projects 2021 soon, and we hope to see many more Dojos from India participating in the competition. 

If you are involved in a Dojo in India, we’d love to hear about your experiences and what support would be most useful to you. You can get in touch by writing to us at [email protected] or scheduling a call with me!

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