2 brand new project pathways

We are delighted to share two new project pathways from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Each pathway includes six brand new Scratch projects, based on themes that young people can relate to and engage with. You can introduce these projects to your Ninjas as part of an online or in-person coding session. Likewise, parents may like to work on the projects at home with their kids.

Kayla from the Eccles Dojo working on the Count the Creatures project from the Protect our Planet pathway

Try out the projects 

The Look after yourself pathway is based on the theme of well-being. Young people can learn to code a stress ball, create a butterfly garden and a serene scene, and write a program to relax and stretch. With these mindful projects, young people will learn about how to take care of themselves and others, while also learning some key coding skills.

Access the Look after yourself pathway

The Protect our planet pathway is focused on the environment and conservation. In the projects, learners are introduced to five of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land. Young people will not only learn coding skills, they will also learn how to protect the environment for future generations.

Access the Protect our planet pathway


*Two new projects added!*

The pathways have been such a success that the team has added two new projects! Once your Ninjas have progressed through the other projects in the pathways, they can move on to these slightly more challenging projects.

Interactive animation: Create a project — relaxing, energising, funny, or inspiring — to try and change someone’s mood using sprites that move over a backdrop.

3D scene: You’ll create a 3D scene that can be controlled with variables. The user will be able to act as the ‘director’ of the scene and play around until they get it just the way they want it.

Reward your Ninjas!

We have designed a special set of certificates to correspond with the two new pathways. You can celebrate your Ninjas’ achievements by awarding them with a certificate once they have progressed through each pathway. Have fun!

Access the certificates

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