4 videos to help you teach coding online!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been listening carefully to you — our incredible community — and delivering training webinars based on your needs. 

In these webinars, we have been sharing how you can support young people while your Dojo is running online. However, the training can also be applied at in-person sessions. We hope that these videos will give you the confidence to continue learning with your Ninjas — whether you are running your sessions online, in person, or a mixture of the two!.

Below are a selection of snippets from previous training webinars. You can also access the full recordings via our Community calls page.

Training: Introducing Python in your club

In this snippet, our colleague Rebecca introduces the text-based programming language, Python, and why it is a great language to teach. She also explains how Python code can be written and executed in different development environments.


Training: Mentoring beyond the basics of Scratch

In this snippet, our colleague Mark — who you may know from Digital Making at Home — shares his advice on getting the most out of Scratch. Mark also walks us through his top tips for teaching Scratch online, based on his experience of facilitating live stream code-along sessions.


Training: Introduction to web development

Kat and Nuala are joined by our colleague Matt, who introduces the languages of web development. We also discuss why educators should teach HTML & CSS, and the benefits of these programming languages.


Training: How to implement blended learning in your club

Our colleague James explores what blended learning looks like in practice, and in particular, the aspects of your in-person club that could be replicated online. For example, how might you facilitate showcasing in an online session, or create a space for collaboration? This training webinar is relevant for any volunteer who wants to make their club more resilient.

Listen back to our training webinars and gain some new skills today! You can find our library of webinar recordings, and sign up for upcoming webinars, at rpf.io/ccalls.

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